For as long as she can remember, death within the cruel embrace of the Iron Maiden has haunted Angelís darkest dreams. The unimaginably erotic thought of being forced to endure such a slow and unspeakably torturous death merely for the sadistic amusement of her executioner.

Angel felt a delightfully terrifying sense of eager masochistic anticipation coursing through her at the sight of that intimidating Iron Maiden, the flickering fire light reflecting off sarcophagusís massive open doors, doors that reveal the obscene horrors lying within the Maidenís deadly embrace.

She can feel her body responding to the dark eroticism of the moment, her painfully erect nipples throbbing in the cool dungeon air, the smoldering flames of her arousal slowly building as she fantasied about her coming death within the Maiden, a slow and obscenely torturous affair, with death only coming after long days of agonizing, unrelenting torment.

Angel never imagined that her darkest desires would ever come true, of course that is before she discover the Resort, the place where your darkest nightmares do come true...