Welcome to the Resortís newest attraction, Dungeons of the Doomed. Created at the request of many of our more darkly hardcore masochistic vacation club members, the Dungeons takes the North Towerís gruesomely torturous delights to the next diabolic level of torment. Staffed by the Resortís most cruel and sadistic professional torturers, the Dungeons are not for the faint of heart.

Typically, at the Resortís North Tower, reservations go from a few hours in one of our well-equipped torture chambers to a few days for those wishing to die a more lingering demise. However, due to the intensity of the experience, the Dungeons have a five-day minimum reservation, with a planned maximum stay of three weeks.

During your prolonged stay, the Dungeonís specially trained torturers ensure that their clients, while forced to endure continuous brutality and long obscenely torturous days and nights of unrelenting agony, will survive for the entire length of their reservation, with their agonizing death only coming in the final hours of their stay.

If youíre ready to experience the Dungeons of the Doomed, contact the Resortís concierge desk at your earliest convenience to make a reservation. We guarantee that your time at the Dungeons will haunt your darkest nightmares for months after it ends...