An invitation to the Crimson Executioner’s private North Tower torture chamber is considered a great honor among the more masochistic female members of the Resort’s vacation club. It’s called the Dungeon of Depravity by those fortunate enough to visit the Crimson Executioner’s private domain. A darkly haunting place that contains many of the most diabolically depraved instruments of gruesome, torturous death ever conceived of by man.

Already chained tightly into place, I felt my already racing heart skip a beat as the Crimson Executioner rested his hand on the breast guillotine’s release.

“Don’t worry, Christine, I’m not going to cut your lovely breasts off just yet. I have many delightfully torturous entertainments planned for your agonizing amusement before we reach this evening’s grand finale. After all, I wouldn’t want you to bleed to death too soon. Where would be the fun in that?”

“To set the mood for our brutally torturous evening together, I’ll begin by tightening that chain around your pretty neck until every breath you take becomes a desperate, terrifying struggle to survive.”

Pausing to grope Chistine’s captive breasts roughly, “Sensitive, aren’t they? We should see how sensitive they truly are. Perhaps two steel skewers, one through each breast, wired for electro-torture. I think random fifty-thousand-volt shocks should delightfully complicate your breathing problems. Also, with every shock you endure, those steel skewers will slowly grow warmer until, in a few hours, they’ll finally become red-hot, painfully cooking your breasts from the inside.”

“So, while the electro-torture is doing its diabolically evil work, we’ll explore some of the delightfully torturous items I already have heating up in the brazer’s flames, red-hot needles driven deep under your fingernails. Skewers pushed through the back of your corset and deep into your kidneys, others through the front of your corset, piercing your liver and stomach. Red-hot pinchers, burning your nipples to ash as they painfully rend your flesh. I also have a special pincher heating in the flames, which I’ll use just before the grand finale to rip out your tongue.”

Christine could hear the evil anticipation in the Crimson Executioner’s voice as he picked up those two steel skewers, already wired to that cruel electro-torture box, “Oh, yes. There are so many agonizingly torturous amusements of the flesh that we’re going to share before this evening’s grand finale finally arrives, when this breast guillotine’s razor-sharp blade claims your lovely breasts...”