“It is only by way of pain one arrives at pleasure” – Marquis de Sade.

While originally established to provide the darker amusements sought by our more sadistic members, the founders of the Resort’s exclusive Vacation Club also understood the often fatally erotic attraction the Resort’s dungeons and torture chambers held for those seeking fulfillment of their darkest masochistic desires.

The intense masochistic eroticism of complete surrender, of willingly surrendering one’s self to the torturous delights of the dungeon, the terrifying certainty that within these often blood soaked walls await long hours of unspeakably agonizing torture with the real possibility of enduring a slow torturous death. The darkly erotic possibility of spending your final hours slowly dying, screaming in unrelenting agony merely for the sadistic amusement of another.

Go ahead spend a night in our dungeon. The Resort’s concierge desk is waiting to take your reservation...