“Good evening, Nikki. You’ve been admiring the recently added decorations outside the entrance to my private North Tower torture chamber.”

Smiling, Nikki replied, “Those women, they look so life-like.”

Mistress Dominique smiled darkly, “That’s because they’re alive, at least for the moment. The Resort’s concierge desk supplies me with two willing female vacation club members to spend the day as my door decorations. I have them change into identical costumes and wigs. Once secured in their decorative stands, I inject them with a drug developed by an acquaintance. The drug causes complete paralysis, and while they can still breathe, all other movement is impossible.”

“Also, to keep them amused, each has a small but powerful vibrator built into the crotch of their bodysuit, one pressing firmly against their clitoris. Vibrators that fiendishly keep them both in a heightened state of sexual arousal and frustration, but not at a high enough power level to let them reach orgasm.”

“I must say, I think you’ve outdone yourself, Mistress Dominique, deliciously evil, yet they both look incredible.” A questioning look appeared on Nikki’s face as she asked, “What did you mean when you said they were alive, at least for the moment?”

“Once injected, the drug’s effect irreversibly spreads through their bodies. Depending on their metabolism, it usually takes about twelve hours for the results of the drug to become terminal. The drug eventually begins to affect the muscles of their diaphragm, making it more difficult for them to breathe. Pulse oximeters clipped to their index fingers within the arm restraints monitor their blood oxygen levels as they drop. Once they reach a blood oxygen level where death becomes imminent, the vibrator pressing against their clitoris switches to maximum power, and they reach orgasm within seconds. The resulting explosion of orgasmic stimulation assures the woman spend their final moments in an erotically masochistic state of overwhelming pleasure and pain as they die.

Nikki smiled knowingly, “I love it. Beautiful women, used merely as diabolic decorations, doomed from the onset to suffer a darkly insidious fate. What’s not to like? By the way, do you accept volunteers?”