With her arms secured in chains and wearing just a collar and a seductive smile, Destini watched as one of her fellow Vacation Club members entered the dungeon, “Good evening ruthless sir, I’m Destini, your personal pleasure and pain snuff toy. I’m yours to use tonight as you wish, no limits, no safe words, no expectation of mercy. Tonight, it’s your choice.”

Feeling a delightfully ominous sense of terror at the look in his executioner’s hooded eyes, “Behind you on the wall is the control for the overhead hoists, I’m already up on my toes but feel free to adjust my height to insure you can ravage me to the fullest extent possible, vaginally or anally. My only desire tonight, is to feel you balls deep in all the orifices of my body that you desire to fill.”

“On the table by the door, you’ll find a ball gag to stifle my screams if you desire, along with a bottle of lube if you’re planning to use me anally. Be sure to use just enough lube to ensure your pleasure, I assure you, tonight my pleasure is of no consequence. Also, should you desire to throat fuck me, the wrist chains can be lowered until I’m on my knees.”

“Anyway, I hope you’ve noticed that sword resting upon the table, an authentic late fourteen hundred’s basket hilt Scottish Claymore, thirty-four inches of deadly razor-sharp steel. So, once you’ve used me to fully sate all your darkest sexual desires, I wish you to fulfill one of mine.”

Smiling darkly at her hooded executioner, “I’d like you to pick up that sword, place it’s sharp tip within my navel, and brutally run me through. I want to feel the sword’s basket hilt pressing firmly against my belly as you viciously twist that cold, steel blade, back and forth within my guts.”

Destini’s final words of the evening, as she watched her executioner picking up the ball gag, “One last thing, when you think I’m close to the end, please gut me.”

Hours later, he honored Destini’s final request, the expression on her face, as she helplessly watched her entrails spilling out onto the dungeon floor as she died, was truly priceless...