Nikki stared into his dark gray, impossibly cold eyes in horror. She’d thought the Ghost was a dark net legend, a horrifying myth, a man who couldn’t exist. She was wrong.

It was the opportunity of a lifetime. The Resort’s concierge desk was nice enough to arrange for the Ghost to meet me at a coffee shop just off one of the Resort’s more popular beaches. I knew I should have turned and fled in terror when I saw him, never looking back. And yet there I was, flirting with him instead. And, when he asked, I accepted his dinner invitation.

That night, I wore my sexiest, most revealing little black dress. Then, after dinner, sitting across the table from him in that restaurant, it seemed surreal to have after-dinner drinks and dessert with the world’s most notorious serial killer. And yet, I accepted when he finally invited me back to his villa.

Out on the patio of his villa, we talked and shared several glasses of wine while listening to the sound of the surf splashing up against the rocks at the bottom of the cliff. After that, we took a dip in his patio’s infinity pool, my little black dress and high heels lying abandoned as he delightfully ravaged every orifice of my willing body to sate all his demanding sexual desires.

Pausing to refill our wine glasses, he offered me a tour of his private abattoir. Knowing this could be the chance of a lifetime, I eagerly accepted. Grabbing a towel, I dried off from the pool, then ignoring my discarded dress, I slipped on my high heels and this revealing black mesh bodysuit before following Ghost downstairs.

Stepping into Ghost’s abattoir, I was surprised when he switched on the lights, “Ghost, this isn’t the abattoir I’ve seen in most of your snuff videos.”

Pausing to put on his distinctive metal mask, he replied, “If you’re referring to my metal-lined abattoir, it’s currently sitting in a rented warehouse near Chicago, where I plan to produce several new snuff films over the winter months.”

Switching on the abattoir’s cameras, Ghost continued, “Rather, this is the abattoir I use to entertain guests here at the Resort.”

Pausing to set aside my wine glass, I glanced at the ominously open wrist restraints mounted on the abattoir’s wall as I replied, “So, exactly what kind of ‘entertainment’ do you provide for your guests?”

Walking over to those wall-mounted restraints, I continued, “Perhaps, if I was helpless, you might decide to enlighten me?”

Staring into his dark gray, impossibly cold eyes, I carefully placed my wrists within those open steel restraints. Those restraints suddenly locked around my wrists, securing me helplessly against the abattoir’s cool concrete wall.

Walking over to the table, Ghost set his wine glass down next to mine and picked up his machete, the same machete whose razor-sharp blade I’d watched countless women die upon in his gruesomely gory snuff films, as he casually mentioned, “Those restraints have thermal sensors. Once they both sensed your skin’s heat, they locked.”

As Ghost turned back toward me carrying that deadly machete, I suddenly realized that all those video cameras were already recording, “So, you really do know how to show a girl a good time. It seems that’s the only difference between being your guest and becoming your next victim.”

Smiling beneath his face-concealing mask, Ghost positioned the blade of his machete across the smooth white skin of Nikki’s belly, “Nikki, you went from being a guest to being a victim the moment you stepped into this abattoir. Perhaps tomorrow evening, after you’ve recovered from regeneration, I’ll let you watch the video of your agonizingly painful disembowelment. After that, if you’re interested in more ‘entertainment,’ we’ll explore other, more delightfully torturous amusements.”

Still staring into his eyes, a sharp gasp of unbelievable agony escaped my lips as he pulled that machete across my belly, its razor-sharp blade savagely slicing deep into my abdomen, painfully mutilating my entrails as it brutally cut me open.

Stepping aside, giving the video cameras an unimpeded view of Nikki’s slow, agonizing death, Ghost paused to wipe her blood from his machete’s blade as he watched the first loops of her intestines slithering out of her ruined belly. Within moments, Nikki’s knees buckled as her body slumped down to hang from the wrist restraints, as her mutilated entrails spilled onto the abattoir’s floor.

In the end, that delightfully amusing look of horror remained on Nikki’s lovely face until she finally lost consciousness about thirty minutes later. Shortly after, she finished bleeding out and died. Pausing to check for a pulse and not finding one, Ghost switched off the cameras. Then, removing his signature metal mask, he pulled out his phone and sent a brief text notifying the regeneration center’s recovery team that it was time for them to retrieve Nikki’s body.

As he awaited the recovery team’s arrival, Ghost was already considering all the delightfully diabolical ‘entertainments’ that Nikki would painfully endure for his amusement tomorrow night...