Already considered by many to be one of the most diabolical attractions here at the Resort, the Auto Saw added an irresistible autoerotic aspect to this classic death trap. Inspired by those early silent films, were terrified damsels in distress meeting their painfully torturous demise beneath the spinning sawmill blade. That original Auto Saw is still housed within a chamber constructed from the actual bricks recovered from an early twentieth-century sawmill, the floors and the metalwork aged to give out demanding guests the impression of stepping into a long-abandoned mill complete with the faint lingering scent of sawdust.

Reimagined, due in no small part, to numerous guest requests, our diabolically talented staff has created an entirely new attraction, while preserving the original’s irresistible autoerotic attraction, the art-deco themed Bootlegger’s Buzz Saw. Crafted out of polished steel, with its control panel inspired by roaring twenty’s industrial design, this latest Resort attraction harkens back to the days of bootleg gangsters and the unspeakably gruesome fate of those beautiful women foolish enough to refuse the amorous advances of those evil mob kingpins.

Unlike the original Auto Saw, which while fiendishly torturous, provided a quick yet brutally painful demise, the Bootlegger’s Buzz Saw adds a new and darkly diabolic aspect to heighten this autoerotic death trap’s fatally terrifying experience. The control panel allows the victim to select two delay intervals. First, the delay between the restraints locking and the spin up of the deadly buzz saw’s blade, and second, the delay before the blade's overhead trolley begins its obscenely brutal trip along the length of the saw’s raised guide rail, fatally bisecting the victim's torso. Ironically, while the control panel allows its victim to select delays of between five to thirty minutes individually for one or both intervals, most of the saw’s victims prefer to bypass this option and to allow the controls too randomly select both activation delays, heightening their utterly terrifying suspense.

And, as this lovely young lady is about to discover, regardless if you choose the saw’s delay or allow the controls the randomly decide, once she’s climbed onto the saw’s guide rail and presses that glowing red button to lock the restraints around her wrists and ankles, her torturously agonizing fate is sealed. The saw’s blade, spinning at 1200 rpm, is 600 pounds of razor-sharp death, capable of effortlessly bisecting her erotically sexy torso in a grotesquely gruesome explosion of blood and gore.

Like so many before her, Sheryl’s about to discover that the saw cannot be reasoned with, that it doesn’t care how loudly she screams, it doesn’t feel pity or remorse, and it will absolutely not stop until she’s dead. Fear the saw, and welcome to the Resort...