Leslie felt a cold sense of darkly ominous foreboding as she hung helplessly suspended by her wrists, with her legs spread obscenely by a heavy weighted iron spreader bar, within one of the Resort’s impressively equipped medieval themed dungeon torture chambers. Tonight she would be entertaining one of the world’s richest men, a man who also sits on the Resort’s board of directors. A man who believes he is the reincarnation of a 17th century Italian Baron, a man known as the Crimson Executioner, a madman who brutally murdered hundreds of prostitute and other openly promiscuous women before being brought to justice. The man who Leslie knew transferred a million euro payment to the Resort earlier that day for the privilege of torturing her to death.

Leslie felt her heartbeat quicken as the door opened and a man dressed in a crimson executioner’s garb entered the torch lit torture chamber. Leslie helplessly watched in mounting terror as her hooded assailant paused to select several cruel looking items from one of the room’s well-stocked tables of diabolic torture implements. Looking up at the beautiful young woman helplessly awaiting his sadistic attentions her executioner couldn’t help smiling as he casually admired the stunningly beautiful woman hanging helplessly before him, “You death will not come easily or quickly you loathsome whore of Satan, the Crimson Executioner demands you atone for your sins with pain.”

Smiling the executioner raised his foot and stomped down hard on the weighted iron spreader locked between his helpless victim’s ankles. Leslie’s shoulders already stretched to their limit, instantly dislocated with the painfully abrupt popping sound followed by her sudden high pitched scream of pure unadulterated agony. Ignoring his terrified victim’s screams the Crimson Executioner reached up between her thighs and brutally sheathed the cruel spiked shaft of the wooden dildo within the depths of Leslie’s vagina, its sharp spiked tip brutally rupturing her cervix as it slid upward into her guts. Desperately struggling to catch her breath Leslie watched helplessly as the Crimson Executioner swung his heavy iron cudgel into the side of her corset compressed ribcage.

Despite having over two years’ experience as a Resort premier pleasure and pain submissive Leslie had never experienced the level of savage brutality she endured that night. Working with a slow methodical cruelty the Crimson Executioner used his heavy iron cudgel to break every bone and crush every joint in Leslie’s brutalized body while carefully insuring she remained fully conscious and aware of every fresh indignity suffered by his hand.

It was well after midnight when the Crimson Executioner finally paused to admire his diabolical handiwork. The once beautiful young woman hanging helplessly before him battered and bruised, her once pretty face so badly damaged as to be almost unrecognizable. Instinctively he knew her death was inevitable, most of her internal organs ruptured, her lungs torn by the jagged tips of shattered ribs, it was merely a matter of time before she either succumbed to her massive internal injuries or simply drown in her own blood.

However, as the Crimson Executioner, he had no intention of letting such a promiscuous little slut off quite that mercifully. Placing the heavy round tip of his iron cudgel against the front of Leslie’s corset compressed waist the Crimson Executioner pushed her body savagely backward brutally impaling her on the wall of razor sharp spikes.

Setting aside his bloody iron cudgel the Crimson Executioner poured himself a glass of wine and watched as Leslie’s life slowly slipped away. It was sad, he truly enjoyed Leslie’s suffering but with the magnitude of the injuries he’d inflicted tonight she’d be spending at least 48 hours undergoing regeneration before she’d once again be ready for his attentions. Perhaps tomorrow night it’ll be Sabrina’s misfortune to entertain the Crimson Executioner with her screams, perhaps in the iron maiden...