April, 1984

Refilling her wine glass for the second time, Blair walked over to the window and stared out into the rain swept night sky. Becoming a Resort companion, she’d hoped to find that ultimate outlet for her darkly masochistic desires, and while most nights she died screaming in agony for the sick sadistic amusement of Resort guests, mostly it seemed sadly unfulfilling. There had to be more than the life she was living. OK, the pay was unbelievable, not to mention the whole regeneration thing. Her youth restored and made more beautiful than she’d ever imagined being. Still, while being bound spread-eagle on some psychopath’s bed with his cock buried balls deep in her ass was a turn on. Having him brutally slit her throat as he climaxed, not so much. And yes, while she fully admitted she was a masochistic pain slut with an unquenchable death wish she knew she wanted so much more.

April, 2017

Refilling her wine glass, Blair walked over to the window and stared out into the rain swept night sky. It had been over 30 years since she’d first become a Resort companion. As the Resort evolved, so had her darkly masochistic desires, but thanks to the Resort’s regeneration technology, her appearance and vigor was still that of a woman in her early 20’s, not so bad for a woman chronologically in her late 80’s.

Even Blair had to admit that the Resort’s regeneration technology worked miracles, and yet it only did so for as long as you worked at the Resort. Still, over the years the Resort expanded their diabolical amusements. First, that authentic castle, transported stone by stone from the German Baltic coast, its dungeon's home to a delightfully medieval menu of death and debauchery. And the latest attraction, the Victorian White Chapel theme park, with nightly fog and sadistic Resort guest’s living out their Jack the Ripper fantasies.

Pausing to take another sip from her glass of wine, Blair smiled. I’m wealthy. I have eternal youth, and I get to live my darkest masochistic dreams, so welcome to the Resort...