Chained helplessly against the chamberís wall, the smooth bare skin of her back restrained perilously close the razor sharp spikes, Blair felt her heartbeat quicken at the sight of those red hot branding irons heating in the flaming coals of the brazier, their glowing tips poised to rip long desperate screams of almost unimaginable torment from her lungs. Tearing her eyes away from the horror of those hot irons Blair suddenly noticed the heavy whip lying alone on a small table near the chamberís entrance, its nine long braided leather tails each ending in a set of small, evil looking razor sharp blades.

Staring at that whip Blair suddenly felt a delightfully terrifying sense of eager masochistic anticipation coursing through her mind as she imagined how this torturous night might unfold. Instinctively Blair realized that whip would be the torturerís implement of choice, its heavy leather tails quickly covering her skin with ugly red welts, its sharp bladed tips making short work of what little clothing she wore as they painfully decorated her abused body with a thousand stinging cuts. Helpless to avoid the whipís brutal caress she would helplessly endure itís cruel attentions for long torturous hours, the torturer inflicting hundreds of powerful strokes that would painfully transform Blairís smooth white skin into a bloody, welt covered mess.

And yet, that long painful whipping was merely a small taste of the pain to come once the torturer cast aside that whip and took that first branding iron from the brazierís flames. Deep down Blair knew that the long torturous hours that followed would easily surpass ever her darkest most primal masochistic fantasies. She already understood there was nothing she could say or offer to the torturer that would end her suffering, tonight there would be no safe words, no mercy, her only respite would come when the flames of the brazier eventually burned down and those fiendishly cruel irons grew cold.

Ironically, the long hours of unspeakable suffering, all her desperate screams of agony served merely as darkly sadistic foreplay, as the torturer dropped the cold useless iron and pulled her roughly toward him, her toes leaving the floor, her back arching until it felt as if her straining shoulders were about to dislocate. Pulling her legs up around his waist the torturer quickly opened the front of his black leather pants, freeing his massive erect cock and took her, sheathing the full length of his shaft in the warm wet depths of her sex in one brutally powerful thrust. Instinctively Blair raised her knees up along the sides of the torturerís ribcage in a desperate attempt to take more of his cock into the straining depths of her sex even as he cruelly dug his fingers into the bloody welts and burns that marked the cheeks of her ass, the intense pleasure and pain combining in what likely would be one of the most powerful orgasms of her life.

Smiling beneath his face concealing red leather hood, the executioner patiently waited until Blair was just about to climax before quickly stepping forward and impaling her body on the waiting wall of spikes.

Blairís eyes went wide in horrified disbelief as she felt the cold steel spikes grating painfully between her ribs as they quickly sank into her back, the sudden hot coppery taste of blood in her mouth as the spikes pierced her lungs followed seconds later by a sharp agonizing pain when the spikes finally reached her heart.

The torturer watch in amusement as the life slowly drained from Blairís lovely eyes, the final convulsions of her dying body pushing him over the edge as he finally came deep inside the womanís still warm corpse.


Blair awoke to the warm light of the late morning sun, her nude form comfortably nestled within her sleeping husbandís embrace. A mischievous grin appeared on her face as Blair carefully slipped her fingers downward under the sheets and began to lightly fondle her husbandís cock. Smiling evilly as she felt his cock responding to her attentions Blair pushed the sheets down and enveloped her sleeping husbandís growing erection in the warm wetness of her mouth.

A few minutes later Blair sighed in sexual bliss as she tasted those first delightfully tasty drops of her sleeping husbandís pre-cum oozing onto her tongue as she paused brush the tip of her tongue across blunt tip of his cock. Knowing from experience that her husbandís first orgasm of the day was mere moments away Blair happily took his cock deep into her mouth, its pulsating head pressing against her tonsils as she closed her eyes and immersed herself in the intense eroticism of the moment. The taste and smell of her husbandís cock filled her senses, that musky and distinctively masculine smell, the slightly bitter salty taste of dried sweat and pre-cum mingling with the familiar lingering traces of her own vaginal juices as her tongue eagerly worked his throbbing shaft. Than it happened, that incredible explosion of hot cum filling her mouth as she desperately struggled to swallow all his seed. Blair kept her husbandís cock firmly within her mouth, eagerly licking up the last lingering drops as his erection subsided before moving back up on the bed.

Lying there with her head resting on her husbandís chest Blair contentedly stared at that distinctive crimson leather hood lying on the bedside table, the one sheíd given her husband as a birthday present a few months earlier. Blair appreciated that through whatever torturously erotic delights the coming nights at the Resort held in store, her husband, her torturer, would eagerly don that blood red leather hood and mercilessly revel in her desperate dying screams...