Karen watched helplessly as the next contestant entered the execution chamber. Although the thick glass made it impossible for her to hear their conversation, Karen could feel her heartbeat quicken as she watched the gentleman from the Resort’s concierge carefully explaining the rules to the latest contestant.

“Welcome to the Claiming Karen Contest. The lovely woman locked with the glass cylinder before you is Karen, another frequent guest here at the Resort. We here at Perilous Resorts pride ourselves in catering to our guest’s every desire, even requests as unusual as Karen’s.”

Watching as their host explained the diabolical details of her death trap to the latest contestant, Karen could feel her arousal growing almost unbearable.

“Over here on the wall are four sets of red and green buttons giving each contestant a one in four chance of Claiming Karen, if you press the correct green button the cylinder will open and Karen will spend the duration of your stay here at the Resort as your personal submissive pleasure and pain slave.”

Karen felt herself trembling with masochistic excitement as she saw the gentleman from the Resort’s concierge pause before explaining the decidedly darker aspect of the contest.

“However, if you instead press the correct red button the cylinder’s two available methods of execution become armed. The wheel next to the cylinder opens the valves beneath Karen’s feet causing the cylinder to slowly fill with water, while the handle above opens overhead vents causing the cylinder to fill with a highly corrosive and agonizingly painful poison gas.”

Karen felt her heart pounding in her chest as the look of sudden amusement of the contestant’s face as the host explained the contest’s last perilous detail.

“So you have a one in four chance of winning this round of the Claiming Karen Contest, to either make Karen your slave for your stay here at the resort, or watch as Karen dies for your amusement. And just so you know, this game is as much for Karen’s amusement as yours. With each round, a computer randomly decides which row of the green and red buttons are active, so even Karen has no way of knowing what’s going to happen next.”

Karen watched in terrified excitement as the latest, and by her count, this morning’s seventy-eighth contestant paused to carefully consider his choice...