Since joining the Resort’s Vacation Club, I’ve met some of the nicest, most considerate, people. Earlier this evening, I met Ricardo at one of the Vacation Clubs exclusive nightclubs. Noticing that my glass was empty he introduced himself, inquired if I’d like another glass of Champaign and invited me to join him for dinner. Over dinner, he mentioned that if I were interested, he’d reserved one of the new slasher themed dungeons for the evening.

Well, one thing led to another, and here I am, standing in this slasher themed dungeon with my wrists secured in chains watching as my host, Ricardo finished getting undressed. Always the gentleman, after securing my wrists, he eased open the zipper of my evening gown, and helping me step out of it, set it aside before we commenced this evening's amusements...

Entering the dungeon, we paused, just within the entrance as Ricardo locked the doors my senses reveling in the dungeon's darkly macabre atmosphere. While it wasn’t one of the North Tower’s diabolically well-equipped torture chambers, this slasher themed dungeon still felt delightfully terrifying. The pungent scent of blood and gore that filled the air, the huge pile of bleached bones in the corner, the two rusted manacles dangling from chains at the center of the chamber, and finally, the ominously blood-stained wooden floor, blood-stains that I instinctively knew would be impossible to completely wash away. It actually felt like I was standing on the set of one of those 80’s slasher films, it wouldn’t have surprised me to see Leather Face or Michael Myers stepping out of the shadows.

Enthralled, the sensation of Ricardo’s arm sliding around my waist took me momentarily by surprise. Even through his shirt and tie, I could feel the heat of his muscular body pressing against the bare skin of my back as he held me close. My pulse quickening as I felt the warm sensation of his rock hard cock pressing firmly into the cleavage of my ass. I shuddered as I felt the warmth of his lips brush against the side of my throat, as he whispered into my ear, “So Paige shall we begin?”

Unwilling to fully trust my own voice, I walked to the center of the chamber and smiled as I submissively raised my wrists toward the waiting manacles.

Glancing nervously at that blood-spattered chainsaw and the razor-sharp hunting knife, as Ricardo neatly folded my evening gown and placed it upon a small table near the entrance, I already knew from the look of hunger in his eyes that he intended to use me, to brutally sate all his darkest sexual desires.

Removing the last of his clothing, Ricardo turned back toward me, his massive intimidating erection becoming fully visible for the first time, “Paige, over the coming hours, I intend to ruthlessly use you for my pleasure, and once I’m finished, I intended to murder you by brutally disemboweling you.”

Pausing to glance meaningfully over at that bloody chainsaw and the hunting knife, “However, being a gentleman, I’ll leave the choice of the instrument of your torturous demise up to you.”

Not that I’m complaining, the whole rough and brutal sex thing is kind of a masochistic turn-on for me but did he actually say hours? I mean, I’d heard rumors concerning the new male sexual enhancements made possible by the Resort’s regeneration process, but seriously, enough enhanced stamina to last for hours?

Happily, I was wrong. Ricardo certainly had enough stamina to last for hours, just over five hours to be exact, before his massive erection finally subsided. It was almost inhuman. I actually felt Ricardo climax inside me both vaginally and anally more than two dozen times without once losing his erection. Along the way, I had at least that many orgasms. That is, before I simply stopped counting.

His massive rock-hard erection finally subsiding, I watched helplessly as Ricardo walked over to the waiting chainsaw and knife, a darkly ominous smile appearing on his face, “It’s time to choose Paige, the chainsaw or the knife?”

I’d often fantasized about disembowelment, but until tonight, I’d never actually experienced it. I’d read that powered saws, like that chainsaw, while fairly quick, were a painful and obscenely messy way to die, with blood and gore spraying everywhere. I’d also read, that being disemboweled with a knife, if done correctly, while not as messy was just as painful, and that it usually took a woman several long and unspeakably unpleasant hours to die.

Making my choice, I bowed my head, “The knife, and thank you Ricardo for allowing me to choose.”

Picking up the knife, Ricardo positioned its blade just below my sternum, its razor-sharp tip dimpling my skin.

Staring into Paige’s eyes, Ricardo slowly increased the pressure of the knife against her skin until he felt the tip of the blade pierce her flesh. The sudden growing look of agony in her lovely eyes as he carefully drew the blade downward, opening her belly from her sternum all the way down to her crotch in a single fluid motion.

I gasped in pain, the tears welling up in my eyes, as I felt that deadly blade effortlessly slicing through me. A sickening bloating sensation overwhelming my senses, as robbed of the support of my abdominal muscles, the weight of my entrails slowly forced my ruined belly to swell until I watched in horror as the first few loops of my intestines slipped out of my dying body.

Stepping out of the way, Ricardo watched, with diabolic amusement, the growing look of horror on Paige’s face as she helplessly stared downward at her entrails slithering out of her knife opened belly.

Setting aside the knife, Ricardo used Paige’s evening gown to wipe the blood from his hands, the final loops of her intestines slithering to the floor just as he finished getting dressed. Sensing the growing look of betrayal in Paige’s eyes, “What? I said I’d disembowel you, I never said I’d hang around until you died. Honestly, it’s going to be an hour or so before you finally bleed out, and I have a lovely Resort companion, one who’s already chained to the bed, waiting from me at my villa.”

Pausing at the dungeon’s entrance, a darkly amused expression appearing on his face, as Ricardo added, “Oh, and I do want to thank you for this delightfully amusing evening Paige. I hope you enjoy what little of it remains.”

Watching the door closing behind him, exhausted Paige slumped down to hang from her wrists as she continued to slowly bleed to death, finally lost consciousness and died just over an hour later. Her final thought, “Next time someone invites me to one of the Resort’s slasher themed dungeons, if they offer me the choice, choose the chainsaw...”