A beautiful woman stands helplessly restrained within one of the Resort’s fire lit torture chambers, her life imperiled by a merciless fiend ominously holding a deadly sword. In a few moments, he intends use that sword to run her through, the razor-sharp blade sliding effortlessly through her guts and out of her back as Angelique screams in agony.

With the sword’s hilt pressing firmly against Angelique’s belly, the fiend pauses for a moment, as the tears trickle down her cheeks from her pain filled eyes, before he cruelly begins to twist the blade back and forth within her guts. Crying out with each agonizing twist of the blade, Angelique can feel it brutally mutilating her insides as she slowly bled to death for this diabolic fiend's sadistic amusement.

In the end, Angelique lasted almost twenty obscenely torturous minutes before she finally finished bleeding out. Only after pausing to check her pulse to confirm that she was dead, did her killer pull the blade of his sword out of her guts, and using the sleeve of her leotard, casually whipped Angelique’s blood from its blade.

The Resort, where all your darkest masochistic nightmares will come to life...