Secured to the wall in one of the North Tower’s brutal torture chambers, Michelle awaits her host’s arrival, a fellow Resort vacation club member who intends to torture her to death this evening.

“Since joining the Resort’s vacation club in the early ninety’s, I’ve met some of the nicest people, diabolically cruel sadists who have gladly fulfilled all my darkest masochistic fantasies over the years. This evening, I’m entertaining a world-renowned cardiac surgeon, who here at the Resort is known simply as the doctor.”

“The doctor intends to eviscerate me this evening. Cutting me open and gradually removing all my internal organs without the bothersome need for anesthesia. He assured me that I’d find the entire experience delightfully gruesome and that he’d use just enough stimulants to keep me awake and alert until the bitter end.”

The Resort is where all your darkest fantasies come to life...