I felt my heartbeat quicken as I watched the cold blue lightening erupting between the electrodes at the tip of that cattle prod as Marcos tested it. Fifty thousand volts of pure agony, my body convulsing uncontrollably under the high-voltage current coursing through my helplessly bound body as he sadistically applies that cattle prod to my nipples and cliterous.

Once the cattle prodís batteries die, heíll switch on the torch. I can never be sure if heíll start by burning off my nipples or turning my breasts into obscene pin cushions with red hot needles. Either way, after that a dozen or so, longer red-hot needles will follow, each stabbing painfully deep into my liver and kidneys. After that, depending upon his mode, Marcos might insert red-hot needles under my fingernails, rip out my fingernails, or simply cut off my fingers entirely.

Of course, sometimes Marcos skips the mutilation and simply fucks me after using the cattle prod, that erotically masochistic mix of pleasure and pain forcing me to delightfully endure multiple orgasms as he takes me, each orgasm more powerful than the last until it feels like my heart is going to explode.

Only after Marcos finishes using me for his sexual pleasure will the eveningís grand finale commence. Kneeling, heíll begin turning the crank, causing the tip of that massive spiked steel dildo to start rising toward my crotch. However, unlike when he fucked me, the dildo is going to take me anally. Its massive bulging tip greased to ensure whatever resistance my anus might offer will ultimately be futile as it slides into my rectum. Slipping steadily deeper into my guts with each turn of the crank, the dildoís spiked shaft, causing serious internal injuries, as it slowly advances upward until its tip finally reaches the underside of my diaphragm.

With the tipís mounting pressure against the underside of my diaphragm making it steadily harder to breathe, Marcos has several diabolically torturous options. First, he can simply stop cranking, leaving the tip of the dildo where it is, my internal injuries are already serious enough that Iíll bleed out internally after a few agonizing hours. Second, he can continue cranking until the entire dildo disappears inside me, rupturing my diaphragm and sliding upward into my chest cavity, where with every breath I take, it will cause additional damage to my lungs until I drown in my own blood. Finally, his last and the most horrific option, reverse his cranking, the dildoís sharp spike catching on my insides, dragging them downward out of my body, obscenely disemboweling me as the dildo pulls out of my horribly spike mutilated anus as I bleed out all over the floor.

Over the years, Iíve lost count of the number of times Iíd died in agony for my husband Marcoís amusement. He refers to our special relationship, a darkly sadomasochistic relationship of pleasure and pain, as Brutal Love. Frankly, I think of our relationship as my own personal masochistic wet dream...

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