The vacation club members of the Resort have long embraced the eroticism of death, some to inflict it, others to endure it. To willingly suffer a particularly gruesome and agonizingly torturous death merely for the amusement of others is the greatest gift a masochistically submissive woman can give.

This evening, a group of the more sadistically cruel vacation club members has gathered to watch Lisa, a beautiful masochistic vacation club member, go willingly to her unspeakably slow and agonizing death merely for their evil amusement.

Wearing nothing but a pair of red high heels, I entered one of the North Tower’s subterranean execution chambers, where my sadistic audience eagerly awaited. While they hadn’t given me the details of the torturous entertainment they’d arranged for me to endure for their amusement, I knew my death would involve impalement. But I never imagined how brutal that impalement post would be.

Its intimidating seven-foot steel shaft towered over me. From its massive phallic-shaped tip and thick ribbed shaft down to its base, two testicle-shaped balls, that deadly post looked obscenely suggestive, almost as if it intended to erotically fuck me to death.

I felt a delightful sensation of almost overwhelming terror coursing through me as I walked over to that obscene impalement post. Pausing with one hand on my hip, I reached up, grasped that ribbed steel shaft just below its bulging tip, and turned to look at this evening’s audience. I could easily see the look of eager sadistic anticipation in everyone’s eyes. I knew no one in the chamber, especially me, had an interest in delaying the inevitable, so releasing my grip on the impalement post, I grabbed the lift’s railing and stepped up onto its raised platform.

Standing directly behind the impalement post with my high-heel-clad feet straddling the platform’s narrow impalement post slot, I reached over and pressed the up switch on the lift’s railing-mounted control box. The lift’s platform moved smoothly upward until I released the button, stopping the platform with that post’s tip several inches below the apex of my thighs.

Pausing to take a deep breath, I moved forward to straddle that post’s tip and, bending my knees, slowly lowered my crotch toward that shaft’s intimidatingly massive tip. A faint gasp escaped my lips as I felt that cold hard steel slipping steadily deeper into the tight, heated wetness of my sex until that bulging tip completely disappeared into the straining depths of my vagina. Pausing to catch my breath, I pressed the control box’s down switch.

As the lift’s platform lowered, I slowly straightened my legs, carefully keeping the impalement post’s massive tip entirely inside me. As my legs straightened, I moved my high-heel-clad feet steadily closer to that impalement post until I stood with the insteps of my high heels pressed against the ribbed sides of that impalement post’s shaft.

A moment later, I felt the tip of the impalement post start to press upward against the underside of my cervix. The mounting pressure of that steel shaft forced me onto my toes, the tall six-inch heels of my shoes lifting from the platform’s surface as I released the button, stopping the platform’s descent.

The pressure of that impalement post up against my cervix was unrelenting and exquisitely painful, all I’d imagined and worse. I knew I couldn’t stay like this for long. I could already feel my calf muscles starting to tremble. It was time.

Reaching over to the railing-mounted control panel, I took a deep breath and pressed the back switch.

The lift’s platform retracted downward as it moved backward along its track. My sudden cry of agony was instinctive as my weight came fully down against the tip of that unyielding impalement post. In desperation, I gripped the post’s ribbed surface tightly between the insteps of my high heels, but I could feel my feet slowly slipping down that shaft as the post’s tip dug painfully deeper into my cervix.

Lisa’s audience watched with sadistic amusement as that deadly impalement post worked its way slowly upward through her cervix and deep into her guts, her desperate struggles against the inevitable only prolonging her brutally agonizing torment. It took just over thirty torturous minutes before the massive tip of that impalement post protruded obscenely from Lisa’s mouth.

Standing in my high heels, staring upward in horror at that agonizingly brutal post protruding from between my lips, I knew all that remained was the evening’s grand finale. Slowly bending my legs, my body painfully sank deeper onto that impalement post’s shaft until my knees reached the execution chamber’s blood-splattered floor. My thighs spread wide, embracing the obscenely massive steel balls at the base of that diabolically torturous impalement post.

I knew I was dying, every shallow breath harder to take than the one before. When I’d first seen this immense impalement post, I’d never in my wildest nightmares imagined I’d survive long enough to reach the base of this post’s shaft, but I had. I’d taken it balls deep...