Arriving back at his Resort villa after an afternoon of golf Charles stopped in surprise at the sight of a beautiful woman standing helplessly bound and gagged in the middle of his villa’s great room. Seeing the look of surprise on his face the gagged woman used her head to gesture toward the table behind her. Tearing his eyes away from the young lady’s corset enhanced cleavage Charles finally looked over at the table and noticed the wax sealed roll of parchment.

Dearest Charles,

This lovely young thing is Daphne. Knowing your lustful propensity on our first nights here at the Resort I decided to procure you an appetizer. Understanding my desires, the lady at Resort’s concierge desk was all so helpful. This is Daphne, Daphne’s a Resort professional pleasure and pain submissive, so there’s no need to be concerned about limits or safe words. After all, Daphne fully expects to die screaming in agony for your amusement.

And Charles, try not to forget we have a dinner reservation at the Resort’s most popular steak restaurant at seven, so after you finish off Daphne take a shower and put on your tux for dinner. After all, I’m already wearing the identical corset that Daphne’s wearing under my evening gown, although I promise my corset is at least two inches tighter around the waist.

Oh, and Charles later tonight, when I’m standing in Daphne’s place, I’m looking forward to a very long night of brutally torturous, multi-orgasmic delights before you finally snuff me.

Your loving and utterly willing wife, Camilla

Charles smiled darkly as he set aside Camilla’s note and picking up the oversized spiked dildo turned toward the helplessly waiting woman, “Normally Daphne, with a woman as beautiful as yourself, I’d spend the first few hours fucking you senseless, however, since I already have plans to meet my wife for dinner at seven, I believe we’re going to have to skip the pleasure and move straight to the torture, mutilation and agonizing death...”