Celebrating their first wedding anniversary with a weeklong stay at the infamous Perilous Resort, John and his lovely wife Marsha spend the days leading up to their anniversary touring the resort's renowned exhibits. As the week progressed John watched in delight as the inhibition suppressing drugs being secretly administering in Marsha's every meal be the resort's staff gradually changed his already submissively masochistic wife into an utterly willing pain and pleasure snuff toy. All week long John had been dropping intentionally vague hints that he'd arranged a special gift to for Marsha on the night of their first anniversary, a once in a lifetime gift he promised she'd never forget.

As the sun slowly set on the night of their first wedding anniversary, John asked his beautiful and now utterly willing wife to dress in the same white teddy and heels that she'd worn on their wedding night and locked her wrists in handcuffs. Lost in the lust filled eroticism of the moment Marsha failed to notice the handcuff's on her wrists lacked keyholes, making these cuff impossible to remove once they locked around a woman's wrists.

Then, a short limo ride brought them to the unmarked entrance to one of the most diabolical exhibits at the resort's renowned Medieval World Theme Park, the Virgin of Nuremburg. Entering the exhibit Marsha stared in masochistic awe at the waiting Virgin as he husband explained that he'd made reservations to use the Virgin on the night before their wedding, reservations that included final disposal of her corpse at the resort's crematorium.

Turning to her husband Marsha smiled with delight at his surprise gift. Long ago she'd shared with him her dark fascination with the Virgin's dark history, of the countless women who'd died screaming in unrelenting agony within its spike lined confines. One of the most obscenely diabolical methods of execution, death within the Virgin never came quickly or easily, the Virgin's victims usually lasting well into their second day before dying.

Smiling suggestively Marsha sank to her knees before her husband and watched in hedonistic delight as he slowly undid the front of his pants. She'd fantasied about death within the Virgin for so long and now her husband had thoughtfully brought her darkest dream to life. John even remembered when it came to the part of her ultimate fantasy where she'd mentioned that she wanted the lingering taste of his cum in her mouth as she died. John, he's always been such thoughtful husband...