Jeff had spent the last four hours brutally ravaging Terri’s tight little ass. He must have had over a dozen orgasms before his drug-enhanced erection finally waned. With his now flaccid cock sated, he regretfully slipped his manhood out of Terri’s straining guts.

“Terri, thanks for being such a good sport about this. I must say your tight little ass is highly fuckable. I especially enjoyed how your entrails convulsed with every thrust of my cock. I know you also fully appreciated the way I was careful to use just enough lubricant to ensure my enjoyment with no thought of yours. I could tell by your screams each time I buried myself, balls deep, in your guts.”

Terri’s head hung in exhaustion, the large penis gag filling her mouth, not helping as she struggled to catch her breath, after almost four unrelenting hours of unbearable anal agony.

Unseen by Terri, Jeff, a member of the Resort’s research and development team, opened the box lying on the table and withdrew his team’s latest diabolic creation, a heavy, thoroughly medieval-looking metal glove.

“Tonight Terri, you have the honor of being the first woman to experience my team’s latest creation, something we’ve aptly named the Anal Fist of Death.”

Lifting her head, Terri’s eyes went wide in horror when she saw that massive metal glove encasing Jeff’s hand and most of his right forearm. A large dildo protruded obscenely from the metal ball covering Jeff’s hand, the ball itself studded with painfully sharp-looking spikes.

Darkly smiling, Jeff paused to admire the diabolically evil glove encasing his hand, “With any luck Terri, this bad boy should be buried elbow deep inside your ass before you finally manage to die...”