Already helplessly secured upon the Annihilatorís restraint platform when I finally removed Charisís blindfold, that delightfully familiar look of abject fear appearing in her darkly seductive eyes as she suddenly realized where she was and the diabolically deadly torture she was once again fated to endure. She also knew there was no point to begging for mercy, her sadistic husband Anthony would offer her none, not that she desired any, not here in this horrifying place.

Closing her eyes, Claris willed her anal muscles to relax, as her husband adjusted to anal penetrator, carefully aligning the bulging tip of its massive shaft with puckered entrance to her anus. Satisfied with alignment he pressed to switch, causing the massive shaft to start moving forward, a sharp gasp of pain escaping Clarisís ruby-red lips as the tip of the penetrator pushed past the tight muscles of her anus, advancing until it stopped with the first six inches of its intimidating shaft buried deep within her straining rectum.

Already a devote masochists when they first met, Claris was everything a wealthy sadist could ever desire, intelligent, beautiful and poised in public and a submissive masochistic pleasure and pain slut in the bedroom, or in this case, within one of the Resortís dungeon torture chambers. Glancing down, it came as no surprise to see her anal muscles repeatedly clinching tightly around the penetratorís shaft, instinctively trying to draw its massive shaft deeper.

Smiling at his wifeís erotically inviting masochistic display, Anthony pressed the switch a second time activating the penetratorís annihilation mode. Pausing as the penetrator began fucking Clarisís tight little ass, he watched the penetratorís shaft slide backwards until only itís bulging head remained within her ass before it thrust back forward reburying a full six inches deep within her rectum. Pausing at the point of its full penetration the cycle would then repeat, ten thrusts per minute.

Listening to Clarisís soft moans of masochistic pleasure, Anthony walked over and poured himself a glass of wine as he watched that diabolic machine continuing to fuck his lovely wife.

Ten minutes later, even knowing it would happen Claris emitted a faint whimper, as she felt the tip of the penetrator sink an inch deeper into her rectum as she experienced her first anal orgasm of the evening. Now, at ten-minute intervals, the penetrator would continue to push steadily deeper into her bowels.

From brutally torturous past experience, Claris knew things wouldnít become truly torturous for at least another two hours. And although her level of suffering will grow with every additional inch the penetrator advances, so would her masochistic pleasure, at least from the first nineteen inches of penetration. However, after that, another inch or so deeper and the tip of the penetrator will rupture the top of her ascending colon. And, as it always does, inevitably the pain wins out...

...two hours later, Claris could feel, with every obscene twenty-one inch thrust of that penetrator, a steady dull ache growing within her guts. Suddenly, she felt a wet tearing sensation deep within her abdomen as the penetrator advanced another inch and tore through the wall of her colon. Her husband smiling as he noticed the blood that suddenly started to coat the penetratorís shaft with each torturous thrust into his wifeís intestines... hour and forty minutes later, no longer able to scream, the taste of blood filling Clarisís mouth, as with each new thirty-one inch thrust, the penetrator brutally rips her lungs apart, slowly and painfully drowning her in her own blood.

The Resort, where all your darkest nightmares will come to life...