Walking into one of the Resort’s renowned medieval dungeons David was surprised to find a beautiful, practically naked woman awaiting his arrival.

“Good evening Sir, my name is Monica and as part of your all inclusive vacation package I will be your submissive companion during your first evening here at the Resort.”

David struggled to keep his libido in check as he watched Monica pause to take a sip of wine. His first evening at the Resort and one of the hottest women he’d ever met was here to greet him.

Gesturing toward the dungeon’s array of torture instruments Monica continued, “As you can see Sir this dungeon contains an assortment of torture instruments typical of those found in the castle dungeons of fifteenth Spanish nobility. These instruments of torture, while faithful reproductions of the original examples found in the Resort’s museum, are all fully functional should you desire to use them.”

Setting aside her wine glass, David watched in surprise as Monica submissively sank to her knees before him, her wrists crossed behind her back, her head bowed, “As I mentioned earlier, I’m your submissive companion for the evening, yours to do with as you please. In fact Sir, I think you’ll find that I’m more than willing to die for your amusement...”