I could see that erotic mix of anticipation and fear in Rachaelís eyes as she stopped behind that brutal spiked breast crusher...

Iíd always known the Racheal was a bit of a masochistic pain slut, frankly. It's one of the reasons I married her. However, since we joined the Resortís vacation club, Iíd never fully appreciated the torturous depths of her desires. Last night, in this North Tower torture chamber, Iíd watched the fear in her eyes as I tightened that crusher, its cruel spikes digging painfully into Rachaelís magnificent breasts. Even with her tall six-inch heels, the crusher was just high enough that she needed to keep her heels off the floor to avoid brutally hanging by her breasts.

The crusher tight enough for now, I paused to stuff an oversized rubber penis gag deep between her luscious red lips, then looped a length of rope around Rachaelís slender throat and pulled her manacled wrists upward behind her until she had to hold her arms in a painful reverse pray position simply to avoid strangling. I found that delightful look of pain and horror in her eyes quite fetching as I reached for my glass of wine. And, while Racheal is a pain seeking masochist, I thoroughly know her limits. Frankly, Iíd be surprised if she lasts thirty minutes before that intoxicating mix of pain and pleasure sheís enjoying finally becomes nothing but pain.

It was just twenty eight minutes later when I noticed that first tear slowly trickling down Rachaelís cheek. Setting aside my wine glass, I ran my hands downward along her shapely legs, I could feel her calf muscles trembling even before I slipped her high heels off leaving Rachael standing helplessly on her stocking clad toes. Standing, I lightly brushed my fingertips upward along the inside of her thighs, my fingers lingering to caress the tight dimple of her anus.

Then, moving to stand directly in front of her, I gazed into Rachaelís tearful eyes as I slowly screwed that horrific breast crusher tighter until blood from her mutilated bosom started dripping to the torture chamberís floor. Pausing to undo the front of my uncomfortably tight pants I smiled at the look of utter fear in Rachaelís eyes as I revealed my regeneration process enhanced erection, fourteen intimidating inches of thick, vaginal straining pleasure and pain. It was a simple thing, to run my palm across the underside of that diabolic breast crusher, collecting a handful of Rachaelís blood to lubricate my cock as I moved to stand behind her. My hands pulling Rachaelís hips brutally back toward me, as I cruelly impaled myself balls deep within the straining tightness of her ass, her desperate screams of agony quite distinct despite that rope around her throat and the oversized penis gag filling her mouth.

Thanks to my enhanced endurance, I spent the next four hours enjoying the tight intoxicatingly depths of Rachaelís ass before I finally couldnít hold off my climax any longer. Reaching up I pulled down on her wrists, the rope around her slender throat clinching painfully tight. Honestly, Iím not sure she was even still alive when I finally came deep within her intestines, not that I really cared...

Imagine my surprise tonight when Rachael smiled seductively and said, ďPlease Master, again...Ē