Even for the wealthiest, admission into the Vacation Club always requires a test, one that goes beyond mere money, a test of determination and character. This evening is Daniel’s test, having already paid to join the Resort’s Vacation Club all that remains is to prove he has what it takes.

Sabrina smiled suggestively at the look of surprise on Daniel’s face, “So Daniel, this is it, the moment of truth. You need to prove that, as a sadistic master, you have what it takes to join the Resort’s exclusive Vacation Club, namely that you’re willing to commit murder, to brutally take the life of a beautiful masochistic submissive like me without a moment’s hesitation. Or, you can choose to do nothing and in that case, the Resort’s technicians will erase all knowledge of the Resort from your mind and all you’ll remember having was a great Caribbean vacation. The choice is all yours.”

Reaching up to grasp the overhead bar with both hands, Sabrina noticed the sudden look of understanding slowly appearing on Daniel’s face, not to mention his obvious growing arousal, Sabrina smiled seductively, “Oh, and if you decide to run me through, be sure to take a few moments to twist that blade around inside me before pulling it out. Most sadists seem to find the sounds that escape a woman’s lips as that cold steel blade twists in their guts to be quite sexually stimulating. Often enough that most will use their dying victims to orally sate their overpowering lust. Most don’t even reach orgasm until they’re throat fucking their victim’s still warm corpse.”

A sudden sharp cry of agony escaped Sabrina’s pout red lips as she felt the razor-sharp blade of the rapier sliding effortlessly through her guts, Daniel cruelly pushing that cold steel blade steadily deeper until its ornate hilt pressed firmly against Sabrina’s brutally violated belly.

Smiling at the exquisite look of pain in Sabrina’s tear filled eyes Daniel slowly twisted the rapier’s sharp blade buried deep within her entrails. The desperate cries of pain escaping her lips, with each twist of the blade, more intensely arousing then he’d expected. Noticing the massive amount of blood running down her legs and beginning to pool on the floor around her high heels, he viciously twisted the rapier one final time before pulling its deadly blade from within Sabrina’s horrifically mutilated guts.

Growing weaker with each passing moment, Sabrina lost her death grip on the overhead bar and slowly sank to her knees, her hands instinctively going to that ugly wound in her belly as she watched Daniel quickly undoing the front of his pants to free his massive throbbing cock.

Realizing that in her rapidly declining state, Sabrina was already having problems staying upright on her knees, he stepped forward and cruelly grasping a handful of her long dark hair, used it to force Sabrina back up onto her knees even as the demanding head of his cock slipped between her luscious red lips and invaded the warm wetness of her mouth.

Daniel always wondered how Sabrina actually died on that first evening of his Vacation Club membership, had she simply bled out while he was using her orally or had she survived long enough to suffocate with his cock buried in the warm inviting depths of her throat. In all the years since, regardless of how many times he’d brutally tortured her to death, Sabrina still wouldn’t say...