I’d heard rumors that the Resort rejected over twenty percent of applications to join the Resort’s Vacation Club. The even after the physical and physiologic exams, the initial exposure to the Resort’s regeneration process, there was a final evaluation that all applicants had to pass. Having lived the lifestyle of a high-priced professional masochistic submissive for the last twenty-five years I thought I was ready for anything, I was so wrong.

“Good afternoon Lara, congratulations for making it to your final evaluation before being accepted as a member of the Resort’s exclusive Vacation Club. While rather simple, this will be a test to evaluate the depth of your masochistic determination and character. When you feel you are ready, enter the evaluation chamber and standing between the two poles, grasp both with your hands. The criteria for passing this final test is deceptively simple, do not let go until your evaluation is complete.”

Entering the chamber, I walked over and grasped the two poles, still unsure of what this final test would entail. No sooner had I gripped the poles did the door at the far end of the chamber opened, and one of the Resort’s professional torturers walked in. I felt my heart skip a beat when I saw what he was carrying in his hands, a very large and sharp-looking axe. It took all my determination and self-control not to turn and flee the testing chamber as he approached.

Failing miserably at my attempt to hide the terror in my voice, “Really, an Axe?”

Smiling beneath his face concealing hood, “One of the little details about our regeneration process that we don’t mention to applicants, not only does it restore youth and vigor, it also restores and vastly improves your brain's function and memory. The AI system that monitors the regeneration scans your memories, something that’s been extremely useful for detecting government and industrial spies, but it also allows us to tailor our applicant’s final evaluation and for masochists like yourself, to face their worst fear.”

A faint grin briefly appeared on Lara’s face, “Well, I guess that finally explains the leotard and tights they wanted me to wear.”

Seeing the look of confusion in the torturer’s eyes, “Years ago, I watched this slasher movie where an evil maniac used a medieval battle axe to kill his victims. In the movie, his first victim was a ballerina.”

Pausing to spread her high heels further apart, “The killer surprised her in the dressing room just after her performance, and as she turned toward him, he swung the axe upward between her legs bisecting her torso until the blade stopped within the cleavage of her breasts. Then, using the axe buried in her chest, he held her up on her toes, forcing her to watch her entrails spilling from the ruins of her belly as she died.”

The torturer could see the change in Lara’s eyes as she described the scene from the film, the fear was still there but also the growing look of almost eager anticipation as she finished by saying, “Sounds like a heavenly way to die doesn’t it?”

Watching carefully, the torturer was surprised that Lara didn’t flinch as he swung the axe upward between her thighs, the sound of the razor-sharp blade a meaty thunk as it effortlessly split her pelvis, cutting through her guts and lodging deep within her sternum, the inside edge of the blade protruding obscenely between her breasts. Lifting her up onto her toes, he could see the pain and shock in her eyes as her mutilated entrails spilled out in a sudden downpour of blood and gore, all the while, her hands never losing their grip on the poles even as she died.

Easing Lara’s lifeless corpse down onto the bloody mess made by her entrails, the torturer finally managed to dislodge his axe from the ruins of her ribcage, “Congratulations Lara, welcome to the Vacation Club...”