James is a perfect gentleman. Like most men Vannesa met since joining the Resort’s vacation club, he’s always attentive to a lady’s desires and needs. This evening, over drinks, she expressed her desires and darkly erotic needs, and he readily agreed to help her fulfill them.

After that, we ended up here, at the Resort’s north tower, where I changed from my clothes into this obscenely short and revealingly sheer lace top with matching high heels. After I changed, I met James in one of the Tower’s torture chambers. He secured my wrists in the restraints, giving me a sensual, lingering, and profoundly passionate kiss, before pushing this ballgag deep into my mouth and strapping it tight.

With that large ballgag filling my mouth, James excused himself to change, and while he looked handsome wearing his expensive suit, it wasn’t appropriate attire for the torture chamber. A few minutes later, he returned dressed in an ominous medieval executioners uniform, complete with a face-concealing hood. Staring into his hooded eyes, I felt a shiver of delightfully eager masochistic anticipation coursing through me as I watched him, already undoing the front laces of his skin-tight black leather pants as he approached.

He finished undoing the laces freeing his erect cock. I stared in terrified awe at his inhumanly massive erection. I’d heard that it wasn’t just the female vacation club members who availed themselves of the body modifications the regeneration process can provide. Still, I never realized it could produce a cock this large. His cock was more than fourteen inches long and had a girth thicker than a baseball bat. I didn’t know if I could fit all of him inside me without ripping my insides apart, but I knew I didn’t have a choice, that he’d force me to take him. I just hoped I’d at least briefly survive the experience.

He moved around me, his hands exploring every curve of my body. Even standing, bound and gagged, within one of the Resort’s torture chambers, I found his attentions highly erotic. His warm fingers slid across the swelling of my hips, lingering in the cleavage of my ass, before sliding upward to cup my full, firm breasts and toy with my painfully erect nipples.

His warm hands slipped into the cleavage between my breasts, his fingers tightening around the plunging neckline of my revealing top the moment before he ripped it from my body. He lifted me off my feet, his impossibly massive cock slipping between my thighs as he roughly pulled me down, brutally impaling me on his hard, unyielding manhood in a single agonizing thrust.

With each powerful thrust of his cock, he penetrated deeper until, after about a dozen thrusts, I felt the bulging head of his cock finally reach my cervix. At first, there was just unbearable pain, but as he continued to fuck me, the pleasure gradually started to immerge.

I quickly lost myself in that familiar masochistic mix of pleasure and pain I so deeply craved. When that first powerful orgasm hit me, I felt the muscles of my vagina clamping tight around the massive shaft of his cock, the sudden increase in friction just inspiring him to fuck me harder as my second orgasm arrived.

It felt like James had been using me forever. I quickly lost count of the number of orgasms I’d experienced. Surprisingly, I’m sure I felt him climax inside me at least half a dozen times before his erection finally faded. Only then, his savage lust sated for the moment, did he reluctantly slip his cock out of my thoroughly ravaged sex.

“Well, Vannesa, you turned out to be the wonton little sex slut you claimed to be.”

I glanced over as I helplessly watched him pick up that sword, removing it from its sheath, exposing its gleaming razor-sharp blade, and noticed his massive erection again, growing longer and harder with every passing second.

“Once my cock is fully erect, I intend to use your tight little ass for my pleasure, using just enough lubricant to ensure I enjoy it. Of course, before we commence with the brutally excruciating violation of your rectum, I’m going to use this sword to run you through, twisting its razor-sharp blade within your guts before pulling it out. I intend for you to die in my arms, bleeding to death in agony, as I repeatedly thrust myself, balls deep, into the straining depths of your colon even after you’re dead.”

The following morning, when I awoke after completing regen in one of the Resort’s regeneration centers, I asked one of the technicians what had happened the night before.

With a look of concern on her face, the technician asked, “How much of last night do you remember?”

Smiling, I replied, “James brought me to the North Tower after drinks, chained me up, and gagged me before ripping off what little I was wearing and having his way with me. Oh, I can see it in your eyes, but it wasn’t what you think. It was brutal, agonizing at first, and utterly degrading. It was also precisely what I asked him to do to me.”

“I’m still not sure how long James spent fucking me, but I did notice the blood coating his cock and soaking the front of his tight leather pants as he finally pulled his manhood out of me, so I assume his inhumanely oversized cock did some severe damage to my insides.”

The technician nodded, “Yes, it was pretty severe. If he’d just left you hanging by your wrists, you would have bled out in about an hour.”

“Yes, but we both know that’s not what he did. Instead, he unsheathed that razor-sharp medieval broadsword and ran me through, twisting that blade agonizingly within my guts before pulling it out of me and taking me painfully deep in the ass.”

Smiling darkly at the look of confusion in the technician’s eyes, Vannesa glanced down at her name tag, “So. Lisa, I’m going to assume you’re new to the Resort’s vacation club regeneration centers and have gone through the orientation?”

Startled, Lisa replied, “Yes, but this is my first week, and I never expected anything as obscenely barbaric as what happened to you last night.”

Sensing Lisa’s rapidly growing panic, “Lisa, please relax, you need to understand. Last night James was a perfect gentleman. He did to me precisely what I’d asked him to do. Although, in hindsight, I should have asked him to use a bit more anal lubricant. I’ve been a Resort vacation club member for over thirty years and have been tortured to death in the North Tower’s dungeons more times than I can count.”

Seeing the thoughtful look on Lisa’s face as her panic subsided. Vannesa added with the sound of amusement in her voice, “Besides, the Resort staff would never have assigned you to a vacation club regeneration center if deep down you didn’t possess the same masochistic desires that I have.”

Watching the horrifying look of understanding in Lisa’s eyes, Vannesa merely smiled...