ďI knew what was a stake, the price that I might have to pay, but I still came here of my own free will. Iíve been sharing your life and your bed for months, and while the bondage sex has been fantastic Iíve known for some time that I wanted share more than just your bed. You see, a few months back I accidently discovered your secret life. That you didnít work as a marketing consultant, but that you actually use this dungeon torture chamber, cleverly hidden in the basement of your country mansion, to produce sadistic torture porn and brutal snuff films. So, you see, I do know the terrible price that I might pay by willingly coming here but itís also finally time to commit.Ē

ďSo, no safe words, no limits. In pain, in pleasure, even in death, now and forever, Iím yours to do with as you please...Ē