When Suki first accepted my collar, she knew her willing enslavement was for life, that death would be her only release from her submission. Tonight, in the dungeon, she offered me my sword.

ďYour sword Master, tonight, I wish to die upon your blade. If it amuses you, please make my death a slow and agonizingly painful one.Ē Handing me the sword, Suki smiled, ďMy only desire is that you delight in my torturous suffering before you allow me to die for your amusement.Ē

Placing the razor-sharp blade on the table, I secured Sukiís wrists in the restraints and activating the hoist, retracted the chains upward to lift her high-heel clad feet from the floor before brutally ripping off her outfit, leaving Suki wearing nothing but her collar, gloves and heels.

No stranger to all Sukiís darkest erotic fantasies, I selected the heaviest bull whip from my collection. Already knowing that I wasnít going to hold anything back, I could see the familiar look of eager anticipation in Sukiís dark eyes as I raised the whip. With Suki, the only thing better than bondage sex, is to have it after she endures a thoroughly brutal whipping.

Later, after using her to sate all my sexual desires, I finally picked up the sword. Sukiís sharp high-pitched scream of unimaginable pain, truly exquisite as I ran her through. The cold steel blade of my sword, piercing her anus and sliding upward through her abdomen until the tip came out just below her sternum. The delightful way her entire body convulsed each time I slowly twisted that blade back and forth within her body before brutally pulling the blade downward to her crotch, disemboweling Suki in a gruesome explosion of blood and gore as she died.

Sometimes, even years later, I occasionally regret Sukiís death, but when I remember the delightful way, she cried out as she watched her sword mutilated gutís spilling to the dungeon floor, not so much...