Skye smiled as he entered the abandoned warehouse, his face already concealed behind his distinctive metal hockey mask, “Welcome Ghost, I’m Skye. I must say, this is quite the honor. It’s not every evening that one gets to meet an actual serial killer. And, while I see that you’ve brought your machete, I did take the liberty of providing you with several razor-sharp knives as well as a delightfully wicked assortment of toys you can use to amuse yourself until it’s finally time for this evening’s main event.”

Noticing he was looking with interest at the restraint behind her, Skye continued, “A few years ago, I watched an early 80’s torture porn video that featured a woman enduring electro torture while secured within this intriguingly uncomfortable looking device. Later, I learned that the design of this bondage restraint is actually the work of a French fetish artist named Georges Pichard. Anyway, last year, when I started planning this special evening ‘celebration’, I just knew I had to spend my final hours bound like that, so I commissioned the Toymaker to build one for me.”

Thoroughly amused watching her guest’s eyes repeatedly drifting down toward her breath-taking cleavage Skye smiled seductively, “Yes. I must say that plastic surgeon certainly did a truly magnificent job. I was a rather modest C-cup before the surgery, but now, thanks to this pair of awe inspiring implants, I practically overflow an F-cup. Oh, and I did them, especially for you, so that you could add them to your infamous collection. All I ask is that you wait until I’m dead or at least close to death, before you harvest them.”

“So, why don’t we share a glass or two of wine from this rather expensive bottle before you secure me in that bondage frame. After that you’ll have all evening to amuse yourself. Oh, and if I get too loud, there’s an assortment of gags in the table to choose from. Just remember that I want to survive and remain fully conscious until midnight when you finally get to disembowel me. You know I’m really looking forward to experiencing that whole agonizing explosion of blood and gore you’re so famous for inflicting. You might even say that since tomorrow is my thirtieth birthday, you’ll actually be making my greatest wish come true...”