Arriving home a day early, from the on-site location, where she’d been starring in an indie horror film, Valentina found a package leaning against her front door. Once inside, she opened the box and discovered a single red rose and an expensive bottle of her favorite wine along with a note. “A gift of wine and a rose from an anonymous admirer.”

Thinking the present was a gift from my current lover Riccardo, I smiled as I thought he’d gotten home early from his business trip. Grabbing my phone, I left him a message, “Hi Riccardo. It’s Valentina. I love the present you left me, and the rose is beautiful. Since it seems that we’ve both gotten home a day early, why don’t you come over? I’m going to open the wine to breathe, take a shower, slip into something delightfully sexy, and enjoy a glass of wine while I’m waiting for you to arrive so that I can thank you in person, my handsome ‘anonymous admirer.’”

Walking into the kitchen, I set the rose on the counter, opened the wine bottle, and went upstairs to shower. I’d already decided to wear that sexy red bodysuit and heels for his arrival. Shortly after that, I didn’t expect to be wearing anything at all.

Coming back downstairs, the seductive click of my tall six-inch stiletto heels echoing off the white marble steps, I paused to pour myself a glass of wine. I wasn’t surprised that Riccardo still hadn’t arrived. Even at this time of night, the traffic in Rome is still a mess.

Returning to the living room, I lit the fireplace, and taking a sip of wine, settled into one of the two leather upholstered chairs before the flames, the one with an uninterrupted view of the entranceway, ensuring that he’d notice me the moment he arrived. Basking in the warmth of the fire, I took a second sip of wine. A moment later, I felt a sudden powerful sensation of dizziness sweeping over me. Staring at that glass of wine, I realized to my horror that my anonymous admirer had drugged me. That was the last thing I remembered.

Abducted and taken to an abandoned cold war era industrial complex near Budapest, the place that first inspired the original Hostel movies and the latest installment of the newly revived Hostel franchise. The one where Valentina had finished filming her gruesome death scene only the day before. The place where for the right amount of money, you can still rent one of their killing rooms and butcher a beautiful young woman for your darkly twisted amusement. A place where, for exclusive customers, those willing to pay a nominal additional fee, they’ll arrange the abduction of a specific woman. A place where tomorrow Valentina will finally, and fatally, meet her anonymous admirer...