Arriving home on Friday evening David found a note lying on the kitchen counter, “Sir, I’m out in the barn eagerly awaiting your arrival. Oh, and that black latex corset I ordered last month has finally arrived, love Nicole”. Smiling he headed upstairs to change into something more appropriate for the barn.

Nicole could feel her heartbeat quicken as she saw David coming up the stairs to the barn’s former hay loft, a forty by seventy foot open space they’d turned into their private dungeon shortly after purchasing this old farm. Tonight he’d chosen to wear her favorite crimson executioner’s outfit, leather knee-high boots, skin tight leather pants and a leather executioner’s hood all died a deep blood red.

Smiling seductively Nicole greeted David, “Good evening Sir and welcome back to the dungeon.”

David smiled behind his executioner’s hood, “Good evening Nicole, I must say you look ravishing in that corset, whatever am I going to do with you this evening?”

A mischievous grin slowly appeared on Nicole’s face as she paused to glance at the rack behind her before replying, “Whatever you desire Sir, in pleasure, in pain, and even in death, I’m yours to do with as you please.”

Beneath his face concealing executioner’s hood, David’s smile slowly turned darker in evil anticipation, Nicole’s unspoken suggestion of the rack, how appropriate for what he had in mind, perhaps this will be the session where I finally force her to scream out her safe word. She’s always been infatuated with the rack, that seductively masochistic mixture of pleasure and pain as I use her tautly stretched body for my sexual pleasure. And while we both know she can endure the racks brutal torment for an entire weekend, what she doesn’t know is that I’ve taken next week off. Let’s see how she feels at the end of her ninth straight day on the rack. After all, even by next Sunday, if she still refuses to use her safe word, I do have the option of extending my vacation for another two weeks...