Alone, in an isolated mansion high in the Berkshire mountains, on a dark and stormy night, a beautiful woman pours herself a second glass of wine as she stands near the windows of her study, staring out into the storm. Having just finished re-reading one of her favorite Lovecraft novels, she tried to imagine the horrors of what the world would be like if Lovecraft’s ancient gods returned to reclaim this earthly realm as their own.

Monstrous, immortal, and all-powerful creatures, they’d crush human civilization without a second thought, enslaving human males and treating women as nothing more than food. Considering the number of women who mysteriously disappear every year, perhaps their invasion has already begun.

I felt an almost delightful sensation of growing horror as I imagined that even now, a monstrous creature may be lurking unseen in the darkness. Hot saliva dripping from its fangs as it patiently watches me, bidding its time until it strikes. Its razor-sharp claws poised to tear my delectable flesh asunder as it devourers me alive.

Finishing my glass of wine, I head off to bed eagerly anticipating tonight’s nightmares, dark evil dreams of what horrors may come...