Kate felt a sudden delightful wave of darkly erotic anticipation coursing through her as she heard the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs. David was finally home and obviously following the trail of abandoned clothing she left from his front door to the top of the basement stairs. Moments later David burst into the room, her abandoned red thong panties in his hand.

Smiling at the look of surprise on David’s face, Kate said, “Welcome home David, I know this is the last place you expected to find me but you did mention that you’d finished decorating your new man cave and I just had to see it. And everything you said about this place was justified.”

Seeing David’s look of sudden understanding as he noticed the manacles already locked tightly around her wrists, Kate smiled suggestively as she continued, “You were right, this place has everything a girl could ever want, it is truly to die for...”