For me, stormy nights like these have always brought darkly obscene thoughts of peril, the flash of lightning, the sound of thunder, visions of classic sixties horror movies, especially those Italian Giallo genre horror films, with their violent blood-soaked scenes of excessively gruesome and gory deaths. All culminating with, a brief glimpse of that shining razor-sharp blade just before your mysterious unseen killer stabs his blade deep into the filmís doomed damsel in distressís belly.

In my darkest fantasies, Iíve always played the part of that doomed damsel. Iím alone in a dark and foreboding place on a stormy night just like tonight. Suddenly, I hear a faint sound behind me. It might be the sound of a shoe scuffing against the floor or, perhaps the far more ominous sound like a knife slipping free from its leather sheath. Turning in surprise, his leather gloved hand covers my mouth to muffle my screams, he roughly pushes me back against the wall, as his cold steel blade buries itself painfully deep within my belly. In that timeless moment, I stare up into his eyes as I realize that Iím his to do with as he pleases. Then, I scream in agony as he savagely twists that sharp deadly blade within my guts.

ďPerhaps someday, if Iím truly lucky, my darkest fantasies will somehow become reality...Ē