“Good evening, I’m Katie, your favorite ‘Damsel in Distress.’ Welcome back to the latest installment of the web’s most infamous torture porn webcast as we revisit Vintage Lingerie Peril, the Swimsuit Edition.”

“As you can see, the glass tank that I’m trapped within is rapidly filling with water. I estimate that the tank will finish filling in about another fifteen minutes. Of course, as usual, my very life is in the hands of my audience.”

“In a moment, ten questions concerning the drowning scene in the 2006 movie ‘The Prestige’ will appear on your screens. The first member of tonight’s audience to correctly answer all ten will have the opportunity to decide my fate. If they choose to let me live, they’ll accompany me on a ten-day stay at the infamous fetish destination, the Resort. Of course, they can also choose to do nothing and allow the tank to finish filling with water.”

“As many of my long-term fans may recall from my previous swimsuit episodes, seeing me drowning to death for your darkly perverted amusement may be highly erotic to watch. But from personal experience, I can assure you it’s also a horrifyingly unpleasant way to die.”