“Good evening, I’m Katie your favorite ‘Damsel in Distress’, welcome back to the latest installment of the web’s most infamous torture porn webcast as we revisit, Vintage Lingerie Peril, the Swimsuit Edition. Tonight we journey in time to the tropical paradise that was Havana in the early 50’s, a city renowned for its erotic nightlife, of clubs filled with exotic Latin dancing girls and tantalizing magic performances.”

“Tonight’s special, audience requested, second swimsuit installment, harkens back to perhaps one of the most famous, or should I say infamous, of those magical acts, the Piranha Tank of Death. Consisting of two glass tanks, the smaller one within which I’m standing and the larger tank filled with dozens of ravenous piranha, the two tanks are connected by a large steel pipe, with only a single valve preventing the water, filled with its hungry piranha, from flowing into the tank where I’m standing chained helplessly in place. Once, the closing act at one of Havana most exclusive nightspots, the Piranha Tank of Death, ran from early 1951 until August 11, 1953 when tragedy struck...”

“During each nightly performance, the magician would ask two volunteers from the audience to come up on stage to inspect and then to lock his lovely assistant’s wrist restraints. Once her wrists were securely restrained behind her back they’d escort her into the talk where they’d lock the two restraints, shackled to the tank’s floor, around her ankles before exiting the tank and observe, as the magician closed and locked the tank’s door.”

“Once the audience members returned to their seats, the magician’s would press the switch to raise a curtain around the tank containing his trapped assistant as the large clock mounted directly above the middle of the stage started a sixty second countdown. When the countdown reaches zero, the concealing curtain would slowly start to lower to the floor just as the valve separating the two tanks automatically opened to allow the Piranha filled water to rush into the tank containing the magician’s perilously trapped assistant.”

“Sadly, during the August 11, 1953, after over nine hundred performances, disaster struck. To escape her restraints the magician’s assistant used a key concealed beneath the revealingly low cut back of her swimsuit. Unfortunately, while she’d noticed over the last few nights the locks securing her restraints seemed stiffer she’s oiled the locks assuming they were the cause of the problem without realizing the real problem was that nightly contact with her skin, combined with the constant Havana humidity, was gradually corroding the delicate cuts of her escape key.”

“On that fateful night, as the concealing curtain rose, she retrieved the concealed key from beneath the back of her swimsuit and inserted it into the restraint locked around her left wrist, but as she did two of the key’s delicate cuts broke off rendering her key completely useless. Realizing her danger, she tried to alert the magician to her perilous plight but the background music, the loud ticking of the countdown clock and the thick glass walls of the tank muffled her screams. By the time the audience realized she was still trapped in the tank, she was already waist-deep in Piranha filled water, the pressure of the quickly rising water making it impossible to open the tank’s door, as the audience watched piranha swarming around her in the blood clouded water.”

“Smiling suggestively into the camera, Katie continued, “Of course, unlike the final performance of the ‘Piranha Tank of Death’ escape illusion, tonight there’s no concealing curtain and no hidden key under my vintage swimsuit. Furthermore, since this an hour-long show, the countdown timer when it starts is, in fact, set for forty-five minutes not sixty seconds.”

“And, as with all our shows, my fate ultimately rests in the hands of tonight’s audience. Once the countdown timer starts a series of trivia questions concerning 1950’s Havana nightlife will appear on your screens. The first member of the tonight’s audience who answers all the questions correctly will have our show’s classic thumbs up, thumbs down choice. Thumbs up and when the countdown timer reaches zero, that valve holding back the Piranha remains closed, and I’m not only saved from a gruesome agonizing death but the person making that fateful choice will also accompany me on an all-inclusive seven-night stay at the Resort, the tropical paradise where nightmares do come true. However, should that sadistic person choose to click on the thumbs down button, than regardless of how many others in the audience manage to answer the questions and choose thumbs up, my fate has already been decided, and when the countdown timer reaches zero, the tank I’m standing within will be flooded with Piranha filled water.”

“Of course, since this is ‘Vintage Lingerie Peril’, if no one manages to answer all the trivia questions correctly before the countdown timer reaches zero, than I’m doomed to be eaten alive by those ravenously hungry Piranha.”

“Some nights, I dearly love this job...”