“Good evening and welcome to this season’s final episode of the web’s most infamous torture porn webcast, Vintage Lingerie Peril.”

A mischievous grin of eager anticipation appeared on Katie’s face, “As you can see, I’m securely manacled between the sharp deadly spikes of these two massive steel plates. In just a few moments powerful hydraulic pistons will pressurize causing both heavy steel plates to slowly start to move, all those sharp spikes gradually drawing closer to my helplessly vulnerable body.”

With a faint hydraulic hiss, Katie’s audience watched in eager anticipation as the razor-sharp spikes slowly started to move relentlessly toward her sexy bound body, “So, once again, in the spirit of those ancient Roman Coliseum games, the audience truly gets to decide my fate. Those new to our show should notice the familiar ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ symbols at the bottom of their screens. As in ancient times, the rules are simple, more thumbs down, and you get to watch me die screaming as I’m brutally impaled upon these spikes. However, if the thumbs up votes win, the deadly spikes will stop mere seconds before I’m impaled, and our sponsors will graciously extend my contact and sponsor the show for another diabolically torturous season.”

Katie smiled darkly as her audience watched the spikes moving closer with another hydraulic hiss, “So vote soon because in about fifteen minutes, the choice between my survival and your witnessing my slow agonizing death rests entirely upon you.”