Katie smiled into the camera, “Good evening. I’m Katie, your favorite ‘Damsel in Distress.’ Welcome back to the newest installment of the web’s most infamous and long-running torture porn webcast, ‘Vintage Lingerie Peril, the Neck Snipper of Doom.’ Tonight, harking back to the gruesome blood-soaked days of the French Revolution, there’s a strong possibility that I will painfully lose my head for your sadistic amusement during the webcast’s finale.”

“Tonight, the sponsors have decided to hold another silent auction to decide my fate. When I complete this opening monologue, the bidding will begin. You will have fifteen minutes to place your bids. As you can see on your screen, the minimum bid is one hundred thousand dollars, with the remaining time and current high bid displayed at the bottom edge of your screen.”

“At the close of bidding, the familiar green thumbs up and red thumbs down buttons will appear at the bottom of the winning bidder’s screen. Thumbs up, I get to survive tonight’s webcast and will accompany the winner on an all-inclusive seven-night stay at the Resort, the tropical paradise where nightmares come true. Alternatively, if they decide to select thumbs down, the neck snipper’s razor-sharp blades will snap together, painfully decapitating me in a delightfully gruesome crimson explosion of blood.”

Already having no expectations of surviving tonight’s webcast, I suspected everyone watching could easily detect the tone of darkly eager anticipation in my voice as I concluded, “Let the bidding commence.”

As I watched the highest bid steadily increase, I had no illusions of my fate. Even dressed in this provocative, impossibly tight-fitting, pretty in pink, 50s lingerie, lingerie that invokes the glamorous hour-glass silhouettes of famous actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Gina Lollobrigida, I knew the chances of surviving the webcast were probably less than one in a million. Honestly, I’ve known from the start that my performances don’t attract the kind of audience that believes mercy is a virtue, quite the opposite.

The high bid slowly stopped at 1.6 million with just seconds left on the fifteen-minute bidding clock. I hope the winner is one of those guys who enjoys letting the tension build before tapping that red thumbs-down button to take my life, someone who enjoys watching the terror growing in my eyes with each passing heartbeat. When it comes, tonight’s death will be a delightfully quick but gruesomely erotic rush.

I felt my arousal growing as I tried to decide if I wanted my head to fall to the floor or merely dangle from the chopper’s neck restraint. My head falling to the floor was deliciously old school, but I hoped it would hang from the chopper’s neck restraint instead. That way, I’d have eight seconds to roll my eyes and blink for my audience as I die. I’ve always found the sight of a woman’s severed head dripping blood, even as her decapitated body pumps jets of blood onto the floor as her heart slowly fails, so intense and sexually stimulating.

I was still trying to decide when the chopper’s razor-sharp blades decapitated me. So, if you didn’t watch my live-streaming webcast but are still interested in knowing if my head hit the floor or ended up hanging from that neck restraint, you’ll have to buy the video to learn what happened...