Katie smiled into the camera, “Good evening. I'm Katie your favorite ‘Damsel in Distress’, welcome back to the newest installment of the web’s most infamous and long running torture porn webcast, ‘Vintage Lingerie Peril’. Tonight, once again in the spirit of the ancient Roman Coliseum, one randomly selected individual in our audience will get to determine my fate and decide if I’m going to live or is this to be another fatal episode of ‘Vintage Lingerie Peril’.”

“Developed in the early 50’s by East Germany’s Ministry for State Security, or as they were more infamously known, the Stasi, this diabolic instrument of death was used both as a method of enhanced interrogation as well as a brutal method of execution. The few Stasi records that survived the fall of East Germany give horrifying insights into its use, but one fact seems to stand out. Almost all its victims were women, young, beautiful, women.”

“Tonight, I stand before you with a recreation of that horrifying East German garrote locked around my throat, its throat encircling rigid steel bar having slowly started to retract back into it’s mount the moment this show began. As I understand it, the garrote retracts at five centimeters every ten minutes, which means it will take about thirty terrifying minutes to grow snug around my throat.”

“That will be the moment when some lucky individual in tonight’s audience will see the familiar ‘thumbs up', and ‘thumbs down’ icons appear at the bottom of their screen. This individual will hold the power of life or death. If they choose to do nothing, the garrote will continue to tighten and in another ten or so minutes I’ll be slowly strangled to death.”

“If they decide to press ‘Thumbs Down’, a dial will appear next to the ‘Thumbs Down’ icon. This dial allows the person to set the garrote’s closure rate, from its default five centimeters every ten minutes to as little as one centimeter every ten minutes, a rate which would extend my painfully torturous demise for at least an hour.”

“Of course, on the remote chance they’ll be merciful and press the ‘Thumbs Up’ icon, I’ll get to survive tonight’s show and accompany the lucky winner on an all-inclusive seven nights stay at the Resort’s exclusive Vacation Club, the tropical paradise where your darkest nightmares come to life.”

“Glancing up at the show clock, “So in about twenty-eight minutes, we’ll get to see how tonight’s show will end. Will I live to make next week’s episode? Or will I die for the sadistic amusement of tonight’s audience, as this slowly tightening garrote mercilessly crushes my throat?”

Although, it’s likely tonight will end in my gruesome and agonizingly painful death. After all, in the five and half seasons that this show has been in production here at the Resort, I’ve yet to survive a single episode. I freely admit, on nights like this. I truly love my job.