Katie smiled into the camera, “Good evening. I'm Katie your favorite ‘Damsel in Distress’, welcome back to the newest installment of the web’s most infamous and long-running torture porn webcast, ‘Vintage Lingerie Peril, the Drill of Doom.’”

“Tonight, the sponsors have decided to hold a silent auction to decide my fate. When I complete this opening monologue, the technicians will secure me to the platform you see behind me. Once I’m secured, the bidding will begin. You will have fifteen minutes to place your bids. As you can see, the minimum bid is one hundred thousand dollars with the high bid being displayed at the bottom of your screen.”

Pausing, to lightly rest my hand on the drill’s massive bit, “At the close of bidding, this drill bit will spin up, as the familiar green thumbs up and red thumbs down buttons appear at the bottom of the winning bidder's screen. This lucky individual will have five minutes to decide my fate. Thumbs up, I get to survive tonight’s show and will accompany the winner on an all-inclusive seven-night stay at the Resort, the tropical paradise where nightmares do come true, there to serve as their personal and utterly submissive slave. Alternatively, if they decide to select thumbs down, this massive and ominously spinning drill bit will begin to advance toward my crotch.”

Already having absolutely no expectations of surviving the next half hour, I suspected everyone watching could easily detect the tone of darkly eager anticipation in my voice, as I concluded, “As I understand it, my death, while lasting just a few minutes, will be an obscenely gruesome and agonizingly painful affair. This spinning drill bit gradually ripping my insides apart, as blood and pieces of my mutilated internal organ's spill to the floor below my crotch. The bit sinking steadily deeper into my torso, relentlessly advancing until its tip finally reaches the back of my throat.”

The monologue finished. I turned and walking past the incredibly sharp-looking tip of that drill bit, hopped up onto the platform, as the two technicians approached with the restraints. Less than two minutes later, the bidding commenced...