“Good evening, I’m your host Katie, and welcome back to this special episode of the web’s most infamous torture porn webcast, Vintage Lingerie Peril. Tonight we’ve made a gruesome field trip to Chicago’s harbor district, where I’m helplessly waiting within the warehouse actually used by the 1950's serial killer, ‘Chicago Jack,’ a sadistic murderer believed to be responsible for the disappearances of at least one hundred and sixty five beautiful young women between the years of 1951 and 1958.”

“Arrested, as he lay dying from lung cancer at Chicago’s South Shore hospital in early 1959, Chicago Jack confessed to abducting almost every beautiful woman foolish enough to hail his taxi while out alone at night. Once inside his taxi, he would render them unconscious and transport them to this very warehouse, where he’d strip them down to their lingerie before securing their wrists within steel manacles, like these chained to the ceiling high above me, before they awoke. Often, he’d force them to endure hours of brutally agonizing torture and mutilation before he’d finally end their lives by disemboweling them.”

“Oh, and the reason none of his victims were ever found. He’d always dismember their corpse, dumping their remains in one of the abandoned wooden barrels, like the one standing behind me, which he discovered piled in the basement of this warehouse, before filling it with concrete. Then, after the concrete had time to dry, he’d load the barrel onto his fishing boat and drop it off several miles out onto Lake Michigan.”

A sudden look of concern appeared on Katie’s lovely face as she heard the warehouse’s front door open and close. “It seems my host has finally arrived to start this evening’s diabolic festivities and while my usually helpful technical staff was a bit vague about just how brutally torturous tonight will end up being, they did promise that if I managed to survive until the evening’s grand finale my sadistic host fully intends to disembowel me...”