Traci felt her heart skip a beat as Dan, dressed as a medieval executioner, paused as he closed the heavy sound-proof door behind him.

Glancing briefly at the heavy coiled-up whip and the large knife hanging from his belt, she looked back into his hooded eyes, “With all the bondage sex we’ve been having, when you invited me downstairs, I expected something a bit kinkier than mere bondage sex. After you chained my wrists and slipped off my skirt, I suspected you secretly harbored some unforeseen obsessions. This place isn’t a kinky sex dungeon. It’s your private abattoir. Let me guess, the human bones littering the floor aren’t plastic Halloween decorations. Those bones are the mortal remains of all the other women you’ve invited down here.”

Dan’s silence only confirmed my suspicions, “So, this is how our relationship ends? You’ll brutally torture me to death, adding my bones to the ones already decorating this abattoir’s floor.”

I could see the look of surprise in Dan’s eyes as he noticed that seductive smile that appeared on my face, “If I’d known, on our first night of bondage sex, that you had this killing room in your basement we could have skipped the bedroom and come down here instead.”

“It may surprise you to learn that I’ve always fantasized about dying an agonizingly torturous death merely for my lover’s darkly sadistic amusement. So, promise me that you won’t hold back with that whip. Please make me scream in agony with every cruel lash. And, when the time comes to do me, I would like you to disembowel me. I want the last thing I see, hanging by my wrists dying for your amusement, to be the sight of my guts spilling out across this abattoir’s floor.”