I was sound asleep, so it must have been a dream or rather a nightmare, although it all seemed so real.

One moment I was alone. The next, a ghostly specter appeared behind me. My only warning was the faint reflection in the window glass. I turn, the sudden terror in my eyes when I see the sharp, gleaming sword the ghostly creature is holding. Before I could react, he thrust that sword’s blade deep into my belly. The unexpected explosion of pure agony steals my breath as I feel the sickening sensation of cold steel sliding through my guts as that sword’s razor-sharp blade effortlessly runs me through.

Instinctively, grasping his arm, I start to double forward, but before I can, his other arm encircles my back and pulls me firmly forward toward him. The last foot of cold steel blade slid painfully through my entrails as he forced me up against the basket hilt of his sword. My breasts pressed up against the rock-hard muscles of his chest. My head rested against his shoulder, the warmth of my dying breath against his neck as I struggled to breathe.

It was in that timeless moment of darkly erotic intimacy that he savagely twisted that sword’s razor-sharp blade within my guts, brutally ripping my insides apart. I look desperately into his eyes, only to see my killer’s cold, hard eyes.

“Why are you doing this to me?” The next agonizing twist of his sword in my guts abruptly ends my question with my high-pitched scream of unimaginable agony.

“You’ve always known, in your dreams, that this is how your life would end, with my sword deep within your guts.”

Pausing to twist that agonizing blade within my guts several more times, he continued, “This is just a dream. But in the unlikely event that you awake, rather than dying in your sleep, I’ll return, butchering you in your sleep night after night until you never awake.”

His horrifyingly ominous message delivered, he finally pulls that agonizing sword out of my guts. Slowly sinking to my knees in a growing pool of my own blood, I knelt there bleeding to death, watching in disbelief as he vanished as quickly as he’d arrived.

An instant later, I awoke, safe and sound in my king-size bed, the satin sheets soaked with my perspiration. A single touch of my fingertips was all it took for me to reach orgasm. Here’s to the promise of tomorrow night’s dreams...