Desiree thought the modeling assignment was just another bondage video. Her damsel in distress bondage peril videos had quite the following. The producer for tonight’s video production, “A Twist of Fate,” happily agreed to sell her the distribution rights for a twenty percent cut in the video’s revenue.

Arriving at the location, I discovered we’d be shooting within an abandoned warehouse that had seen better days. Still, the place had a delightfully ominous feel, the perfect setting for one of my perilous damsel in distress videos. After meeting the producer’s assistant, I changed into my costume, a revealing metallic gold bodysuit with matching high heels, before heading deeper into the warehouse to the set where we’d be shooting tonight’s video.

The director met me as I arrived at the set, “Good evening, Desiree, you can set your robe over here, and we’ll get started.”

Taking me out onto the set, I noticed they had already set up several expensive video cameras to capture the scene from multiple angles. The director led me to the concrete wall at the center of the set, securing my wrists within its wall-mounted restraints, when I noticed two of the actors, both wearing face-concealing ski masks, doing something I found rather disturbing. The first one picked up a large sharp-looking knife, while the other seemed to be testing an electric cattle prod.

Turning to the director as he locked the restraint around my right wrist, I asked in an accusing tone, “This isn’t one of those torture porn or simulated snuff productions. You know I don’t do those. I only do damsel in distress bondage peril.”

Pressing a large ballgag deep into my mouth, he buckled its strap tight before he responded, “Desiree, I think you’ll find that we never simulate anything that we do here. I promise with us. The peril is always real.”

Over the next few hours, Desiree discovered to her horror, what becoming a real damsel in distress implied. Sadly for Desiree, while this became her most popular video, she failed to survive the experience...