Most women are looking forward to finding their true love, their soul mate to share their lives, with me, not so much. Personally, while Iím looking for someone to share my life with, as a devote masochist, I donít expect my life to last more than a few perilous days at most once I find my true love. I imagine myself dying for their amusement. No, I truly desire to die screaming in unrelenting agony merely for their darkly sadistic amusement. I expect my final days to be ones of unspeakably torturous suffering, my dying body used and broken for my true love's sexual amusement. That in the end, to be reduced to being nothing more than a willing masochistic snuff toy, happily fated to fulfilling my true loveís every sadistic desire as I die.

True love, hey, a girl can dream, canít she?