“Why George, I must say that I’m profoundly impressed with your darkly sadistic plans for me this evening.”

“First, I imagine, after you finish strapping me onto that painfully uncomfortable-looking gynecological chair, you’re going to subject me to an intimately invasive, impossibly deep probing of all my bodily orifices.”

“Then, after my delightfully painful exam is complete, you’re going to lock me inside that claustrophobic drowning tank. Only partially opening that tap so that you’ll have more time to watch my desperate struggles as the icy cold water slowly fills the tank around me.”

“And finally, as the rising water nears the top of the tank, you’ll savor my growing fear as I worry that you’re going to let the water overflow the top of the tank before shutting it off. Merely so that you can evilly enjoy watching me drowning to death for your amusement.”

“I must say, George. You certainly know how to show a girl a good time...”