I’d known from the start that he was a sadistic bastard, after all, it was the reason I’d started dating him, but I never in my wildest imagination thought of him as capable of doing something this evil. If I had, I’d have left without saying a word, moved far away and changed my name. Instead, I foolishly confronted him, defiantly saying that I was leaving. When I was through, I left him sitting at the kitchen table and went upstairs to pack my things. I’d just closed my suitcase, when I felt a sharp pain in the side of my neck, then darkness.

I’m not sure how long I was out before I awoke, lying on the cold concrete floor of his basement, bound and gagged. Lying there in the darkness, I was also uncomfortably aware, that besides drugging me, that bastard had changed my clothes, I was pretty sure all I was wearing now were thong panties, stockings and high heels.

It was only a few minutes after I awoke, that I heard the door at the top of the stairs open, and the lights switched on. Blinking in the sudden brightness I could just make him out as he came down the stairs, dressed in one of his favorite torturer’s outfits. Ignoring me lying there on the floor, he picked up the remote for the ceiling-mounted hoist and activated it, lowering the steel spreader bar. Unclipping the spreader bar, he placed it on the shelf and ominously replaced it with the noose, the one he made for me when I first told him of my asphyxiation fantasies, clipping it to the end of the hoist’s steel cable.

Dropping the remote in his pocket, he knelt and picked me up off the floor, setting me on my heels next to that dangling noose. Dropping the noose over my head, he carefully positioned it around my neck and snugged it tight. Pausing to adjust the video cameras, the ones we sometimes use to record our bondage sessions, he then carried over the two propane space heaters we use out on the deck on cool nights. Finally, putting on a pair of insulated gloves he went over to the freezer and removed a large block of ice, setting it on the floor next to me. Turning to me, he simply picked me up and gingerly stood me atop the ice. Then, taking the remote out of his pocket, he activated the hoist, removing most the noose ropes slack.

Satisfied with my darkly perilous predicament, he smiled as he looked up at me, “I’d planned to surprise you with this tomorrow night. Once I turn on the space heaters, if you’re careful, you should be able to keep your balance for about thirty minutes before the ice melts to the point where the noose around your neck will grow taut and you’ll start to hang. When the last of the ice is gone, you will be hanging with the toes of your shoes about six inches off the floor.”

Pausing to switch on the space heaters, he continued, “Assuming I positioned that knot correctly, it should take about thirty agonizingly painful minutes before you lose consciousness.”

Glancing down at the puddle of water slowly growing around the base of the ice, “So, it looks like I’ll have about an hour to decide. Do we both go back upstairs, drinking wine as we watch the best kinky bondage asphyxiation video we’ve ever made? Or will I be alone, drinking wine as I watch your first and only snuff film appearance?”

Standing upon that slowly melting block of ice, I glanced down in horror at the steadily growing puddle of water. This is insane. He truly is this evil. But, you know, I think I kind of liked it. I just hope I survive long enough to apologize. That, and if there’s a next time we do this, we should use a block of dry ice instead. The fog effect would make the scene appear delightfully more ominous...