Tonight is my third date with Michael, a slightly older gentleman I met in one of the discussion groups on the FetLife website. We exchanged messages for a few weeks before we finally agreed to meet.

For our first date, we met up at a popular and very public Mexican restaurant, turns out Michael was both handsome and charming although our conversation stayed on mostly vanilla topics due to the environment.

For our second date, he picked me up at my apartment in the city. We dined that night at an expensive steak house, well known for their discretion, overlooking central park. Over dinner, with no danger of being overheard, we discussed where to go from here.

For our third date, Michael suggested dinner at his place, a renovated brownstone in the Upper West Side. Knowing where the evening might be heading I packed a revealing fetish outfit, one that I’m sure would enflame Michael's more dominant instincts. It turned out that Michael was also an excellent cook, one with a very well-stocked wine cellar. Sharing an after dinner bottle of wine, Michael smiled in the candle light and asked, “So Alice, care to go downstairs?”

Smiling back, I felt my heart skip a beat, “Michael, honestly I was beginning to think that you were never going to ask.” Grabbing my oversized purse, I continued, “Just give me a moment to slip into something far more revealing.”

Excusing myself, I went into Michael’s first floor bathroom, where after closing the door I pulled off the short curve-hugging sweater dress I was wearing, revealing my pierced nipples and the tight-fitting leather body harness I was wearing underneath. Already wearing matching black leather high-heel pumps with their towering six-inch spike heels, I opened my purse and pulled out the matching leather collar and buckled it around my throat. Pausing to brush out my hair and touchup my lip gloss, I pulled the leather opera gloves out my purse and put them on. Smiling at my reflection in the mirror I knew tonight would be a truly memorable one.

Coming out of the bathroom, I found Michael dressed in tight black leather pants and boots, his well-muscled abs, chest, arms, not to mention his prominent bulging erection revealed. Pausing to run my leather garbed hands over his rock-hard chest, I smiled, “I must say, a very nice outfit.”

“Thanks, I must admit Alice that I find your tasteful, yet extremely revealing, ensemble erotically stimulating as well.”

Smiling seductively, I replied, “Why thank you kind Sir, so would you care to take me downstairs?”

Returning to Michael’s well stocked wine cellar, he led me to the back wall where he reached up under the top shelf of one of the wine cabinets and pressed a hidden switch. With a sudden hiss the entire wine cabinet and the concrete wall behind it swung open.

Honestly, as Michael led me into his dungeon, it all seemed so sterile, some steel cabinets along one wall and some restraints mounted on the other three walls, that and several tripods with mounted HD video cameras.

“Really Michael, this isn’t much of a dungeon. Just some wall-mounted restraints, seriously Michael, there isn’t even a rack.”

Guiding me over to one of the walls, Michael quickly snapped the restraints around my wrists, “Alice, what you failed to realize is that this isn’t actually a dungeon, this is an abattoir, an unspeakable place of blood and torturous death where women like you come to die. Tonight, those video cameras will be recording your slow and agonizing demise, one for which my wealthy audience of torture porn snuff subscribers pay me vast amounts of money to provide.”

Watching helplessly at Michael activated the cameras then pulling a face concealing executioner’s hood over his head, he reached back into the cabinet and picked up a large and painfully sharp-looking knife.

Hours later as he dropped the last pieces of Alice’s dismembered corpse into the acid, Michael smiled as he recalled her final words just before he gutted her, “Well, I guess this definitely means no fourth date...”