I discovered your secret, such interesting toys you have. I’m waiting downstairs. – Heather

Carefully pocketing Heather’s note I hurried down to the basement and to the concealed entrance of my hidden workroom. The door was already ajar and the lights on within. Expecting the worst I opened the door and stepped inside, I was never more wrong in my life.

Not in my wildest dreams could I have ever expected to see Heather, one of the primmest and proper fund managers at my investment firm, sitting astride one of my favorite instruments of death, dressed in nothing but a skimpy bikini, her ankles already locked tightly into the restraints, calmly holding a glass of wine.

A broad and deviously gleeful smile already on her face, Heather stated, “Like I said, some very interesting toys.”

Smiling as I casually replied, “These are just some old movie props. I’ve been collecting them for years.”

Smiling Heather replied, “Movie props?” Pausing to drink the last of her wine before continuing, “Of course, now that you mention it, I think I’ve actually seen this one in one of those old 60’s horror films. Or, was it in one of those snuff films I discovered this afternoon, films that I found on your private web server upstairs?”

All lingering vestiges of humor forgotten, I responded, “Careful my dear Heather, assuming that you are correct about the lethality of my toys I think you’ve placed yourself in no position to make demands.”

Heather just smiled as she replied, “Position to make demands? Why I just wanted another glass of wine. After all this, with these restraints locked around my ankles, I merely discovered that the wine bottle was simply out of reach.”

Heather smiled, “I know, I’ve known since I came down here and locked my ankles in these painfully tight restraints.” Staring into my eyes she continued, “I discovered your secret life several months back while researching some of your company’s funding sources. I was initially looking to find some dirt on you so that I could blackmail you but when I discovered the truth I decided our mutual interests were simply too good to pass up.”

Seeing the look of surprise in her bosses eyes Heather smiled as she concluded, “So are you going to refill my glass? I’d really like a second glass of wine before I lay back and ask you to close the restraints around my wrists.”

Staring in amazement I responded, “Heather you do realize that the buzz saw between your legs is real and not just a movie prop?”

I could see the look of humor in Heather’s eyes as she replied, “Do you really think I’d lock my ankles around the blade of a fake buzz saw? What kind of helpless damsel in distress do you take me for?”

Anyway, I refilled Heather’s glass and we talked well into the night. But, in the end you already know how the night ended. Frankly, I’m sorry I lost Heather she was one of the best fund managers at my firm. Still, the video of her screaming in agony as the buzz saw’s spinning bladed sliced upward into the cleavage of her breasts remains till this day one of our best money makers...