I came home only to find Angela, dressed in her darkly erotic black leather corset, collar, and heels, waiting for me outside the room’s locked door.

“You told me when I agreed to become your submissive sex slave that I’d know when I was finally ready for the room. Tonight, I’m ready.”

Pausing to consider Angela’s statement carefully, I replied, “Perhaps you’d think otherwise if you knew the horror the room contains. You also wouldn’t be the first woman foolish enough to believe she did.”

Shaking her head defiantly, Angela stated, “I think you’ll find I’m more than willing to endure whatever perilous horror awaits me.”

Smiling darkly, I removed the key that hung around my neck, “I hope you’re ready to pay the price you’re discovery of the truth will demand.”

Pausing to open the door of a conveniently placed cabinet, I withdrew a pair of handcuffs, “But first, I must insist upon securing your wrists behind your back.”

Smiling, Angela brought her wrists together behind her back, “Seriously, Mark. Bondage outside the bedroom? We’re breaking new ground this evening, even if it’s just in the upstairs hallway.”

With Angela’s glove-sheathed wrist locked securely behind her back, I unlocked the door and led her upstairs into the attic...

Three nights later, as I dumped the last of Angela’s dismembered corpse into the tank of acid I kept in the storeroom behind the garage, I had to admit that she’d lasted far longer than most women in my life. She endured over two and a half days, almost 63 hours, screaming in unrelenting agony within the Iron Maiden before she finally finished bleeding to death.